Definitive Vista Installation

  Splodge 08:57 18 Jun 2006

Readers of my posts will know I have been trying different options of installing Vista!
Installing on your current OS is not wise. You are tied to Vista and may have to pay lumps to upgrade to final issue.
Installing to a new HD is an absolute pain,and requires testing every program installed.
Best way, buy a new HD which will cost about £60, copy across your current system and then separate the two.
Install Vista on one. Some of the programs may not work, most will! Ignore those which do not, drivers will arrive via Windows Update or be replaced by new programs.
Over the next 6 months you can get used to Vista while maintaining your current configuration on the other disk

  Splodge 08:59 18 Jun 2006

This is my Vista drive, TV and DVR are working as are most other programs. Be brave!

  Splodge 12:40 18 Jun 2006

Further to the above:

Zone Alarm, the latest version does not run on Vista despite instructions from their Customer Support. Worse, I cannot remove it!

Microsoft recommends Trend Micro PC-cillin Beta which is free till end of October amd is designed for Vista.

Despite having Zone Alarm, Ad-Aware, Spybot and SpyVest installed on my XP, it found 33 programs which are a threat!

There does not appear to be System Restore.

  powerless 13:37 18 Jun 2006

There is system restore in Vista.

  Splodge 18:15 18 Jun 2006

Thanks, I am still learning, haven't found it yet! Can you point the direction?

  ade.h 18:20 18 Jun 2006

I will get around to testing it myself soon - when I can devote some time to it - and like you, I'll definitely be using a spare disk!

I will just do a clean installation on it, though. I can see your reasoning, but I want to run it with no 3rd party software at all initially (no net connection either during this time, for obvious reasons). Then add the essentials and test it some more.

  Splodge 18:24 18 Jun 2006


By all means do that but Bet you a pound to 2 pence you will find it very tough going.

Many of the programs I thought would not work do, and the automatice Windows upgrades make it easy.

I would rather delete those which do not work than install lots of programs!

Good luck though, tell me how you get on!

  ade.h 18:47 18 Jun 2006

Whatever happens, I won't be adding any unnecessary apps to it. I purely want to test the OS itself, partly to see whether it's worth having next year but mostly so that I am not out of my depth when the FE sets up that Vista forum that he's mentioned! If I do upgrade, I won't be in a massive hurry to do so, and there should be any necessary program updates by then anyway.

  Splodge 09:15 19 Jun 2006

I finally installed Vista to my satisfaction. I had to go back and remove Google Desktop (conflicts), Zone Alarm (doesn't work) and Windows Defender (Vista installs its own and requires you remove it) and install new Anti-Virus (Trend PC-illin) which works.

I then started to test the various components, which had worked without too much trouble apart from the odd item.

Then, disaster, a fatal exception one of the Hauppuage Wintv WDM Drivers so I couldn't recover.

There is a System Restore, you have to insert the Disk, which acts as a Recovery Disk!

However, it is obvious that there are pitfalls in attempting to use old programs with Vista.

So, interesting excercise but, as my configeration is fine on XP, I will wait till this creaks and buy another computer already tried and tested.

I like Vista though if I did not have so many programs that work, I would cheefully embrace it.

As it is I record TV programs and films and can edit them and burn them onto disk without any fears.

A well, loved the experience, but all you out there, be cautious, not sorry!

  Splodge 07:22 20 Jun 2006

Just an appendix:
Never one to give up, I tried again. This time I took off Google Desktop (causes conflicts) and Defender (Vista insists, it has its own installation) and Zone Alarm.
I did not go on-line for the install as requested this time! Took abour four hours.
I then went on-line, downloaded the free (until 31st October) PC-cyllin beta and the other updates.
Win TV does not work despite a Driver download, but I do not use it anyway but need it for InterVideo DVR and Creator. Surprisingly they work fine. So that is ok. The Radio works, but will not store the frequencies!
All in all this time it is fine, gives me the chance to work out its oddities. I do miss the ability to take things back to a Restore point though! And it declines to run some things unless you are the Administrator, (or does not recognise me as one) so I set myself up complete with password!

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