defender has disappeared

  pasta bake 23:42 29 Oct 2006

Greetings to one and all..I like some...D/loladed
the full version IE7 the other day.Now...i already have w/defender but all of a sudden it has disappeared in my task bar and in my programs list.It does work when i'm surfing...i hope.
So whats thats all about? particularly to a novice??

  skidzy 23:50 29 Oct 2006

From past experience pasta bake its pretty much useless and i prefer spywareblaster.Not to sure how it works with IE7 as im waiting for IE7 to come with the next lot of updates (well so ive read)somewhere.

I believe Defender is merged with IE7 and basically works in the background.I may be corrected on that though.

  brundle 23:54 29 Oct 2006

If you are using the latest non-Beta version (click here), it has been designed to be less `intrusive` than the Beta - ctrl/alt/del for your taskmanager, if MsMpEng.exe is in the list, Defender is working normally. You may want to go into tools/options and tick `Always` under `show Defender etc etc` again;
More info; click here

  pasta bake 00:16 30 Oct 2006

Bonjur! thx for yir reply. i'm using the beta version and it is in my programs list.However when i go into into options,do you mean under advanced and if so i dont see anything under show defender? but some ticks are done under always if that makes sense.

  brundle 00:20 30 Oct 2006

sea hear ; click here

  pasta bake 00:24 30 Oct 2006

Brundle,my man i cant get defender up on the screen as i dont know where it has gone too on my system.But thx fir yir page. Anyway whts next??

  pasta bake 00:30 30 Oct 2006

skidzy..forgot to say microsoft shit their troozers and released the fool version a few days ago so get goin??

  birdface 00:33 30 Oct 2006

Hi, When I downloaded IE7, W/Defender Was deleted,Was no longer on add remove,Just ran C Cleaner and reinstalled it,It did say there was a conflict between it and advanced windows care.

  pasta bake 00:45 30 Oct 2006

Hello there buteman! i've not got w/livecare so in a sense no conflict there.Thx fir rsponse though.But as sherlock says...i'm sure there's a simple explanation.......!As its been said,it shoud be running in the background along with ie7 but my problem i cant access it at all to tweak it etc....................

  skidzy 06:57 30 Oct 2006

"skidzy..forgot to say microsoft shit their troozers and released the fool version a few days ago so get goin??"

Pasta i do realise it is out of rc3 and released,but after hearing of so many problems with IE7,i think i will wait till it comes with next month's updates.Then hopefully some of the little bugs will be ironed out.

As we all know there will be more bugs the more it gets used over time,but like i say...i will give it that little extra time.

  281apple 07:09 30 Oct 2006

After using Defender for three months, I just bought Kaspersky's Anti-Visus and deleted Defender and I no longer have problems with Defender. Defender drove me crazy. Have a nice day.

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