defender beta

  johnnyrocker 16:59 18 Feb 2006

i d/loaded this the other day and came up clean, my question is the old anti spyware had an icon in the system tray which would have seemed to indicate was running in the background (or have i got that wrong) there is no icon with defender so am i protected real time or not?


  [DELETED] 17:03 18 Feb 2006

yep, the idea is.. it's hidden out of sight just running like a background process doing it's thing and protecting you.

Go to start, all programs. It's there. I just copied a shortcut of it to the desktop.

  [DELETED] 17:04 18 Feb 2006

I read in another thread that the icon only appears when something is detected that requires your attention. I am not familiar with it myself. Hope this helps.

  johnnyrocker 17:09 18 Feb 2006

when i try to right click and create shortcut all it does is create another one in the start/progs menu.but thanks for the other info


  [DELETED] 17:11 18 Feb 2006

in start, programs right click it.

choose COPY.

then right click on the desktop and choose PASTE SHORTCUT.

  johnnyrocker 20:02 18 Feb 2006



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