defective floppy drive

  pado 21:05 23 Oct 2003

I am very much a novice and if my problem has a patently obvious answer I apologise for wasting time. If anyone can help please treat me gently - I am still learning basics. I hope I have supplied all the information necessary.

I have a used IBM 600E laptop with XP Pro and Internet Explorer installed. When I try, via the external floppy drive, to "save" it shows

A:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of a I\O device error.

If I try to "save" using the built in floppy drive, I go through -save (or save as)- floppy- but when I click "save" it says:

Please insert disk into drive A

Which of course I have. I have tried removing and replacing the disk and also clicking the save again but nothing happened.

On one try, it not only didn't save but it appears to have wiped off information already on the floppy. I certainly can't access it.

Thank you for any advice.

  Gman 21:14 23 Oct 2003

Try another floppy disk as the one your using may be damaged.

  pado 15:17 16 Nov 2003

I received just one response to my appeal (try a different disk) which unfortunately was not the answer and don't feel that I am likely to get any more. I would like to thank everyone who looked at my appeal but I will need to try and solve my problem elsewhere.

  VoG II 15:29 16 Nov 2003

So if I unserstand correctly, you have 2 floppy drives and Windows calls both of them "A". That sounds odd to me.

Have you looked in Device Manager? Start, Control Panel/System, Hardware tab, Device Manager button.

  anchor 15:58 16 Nov 2003

Does your laptop have its own floppy drive, and are you trying also to use an external one?.

Like VoG, I am a little confused.

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