Defective floppy, corrupt file - not the A:drive

  Diemmess 09:05 29 Apr 2010

A friend has been trying to rescue the list/index of some slides. He cannot open the only file on this floppy.

It is an xls file from 1999. Othere of a similar date on other floppy disks will open.

I can find a folder and open it to show a file
I cannot open this file in Excel.

"Any recoverable text" in Word doesn't do it either

If I try and copy the floppy, it errors out with -"Compile error in hidden module Disk Mon OK"
Various errors during different attempts.

Is it possible to recover the bones of the disk with a freebie recovery program of the type often suggested for corrupt HDs?
If so, what do I do please?

  VoG II 09:09 29 Apr 2010

Not sure whether this will help click here

  Peter 09:49 29 Apr 2010


Sounds like a corrupt floppy disk to me. It might be best to work on a copy of the disk so that if something goes wrong you have got the original to go back to. I would use DISKCOPY to make a copy of the disk to play with.


  Diemmess 10:09 29 Apr 2010

.... on attempting to open the file the error message now reads -

"afile.xls may be corrupted, located on a server or read only"

Since Excel (2007) has only recently shown the DistMon error and is now clean, it has to be a defective floppy.

Is there a simple recover program which might rescue some of the data in this 21Kb file?

  Diemmess 10:26 29 Apr 2010

The dead parrot comes to mind!
Diskcopy took me back awhile to days of DOS

The not unexpected report
Unrecoverable read errors on 1 on side 1 and 3 on side 0.

A long time ago I had a copy of PCTools which startled me as I searched for some sign of why the 8088 computer I had been sold, was slowing up.

Screen was full of dots and heiroglyphs, but down the right hand ASCI column loud and clear were the words "Your computer is now stoned, Long live Marijuana"

No similar software available now?

  Peter 13:19 29 Apr 2010


I have used a programme called "File Rescue Plus" in the past under MS-Dos, but it doesn't run under Windows. Do you have access to a Windows 95 or 98 machine that you can run as a DOS machine, i.e. stop Windows loading, which has a floppy disk drive, so that you could try out a programme like "File Rescue Plus"?

Perhaps someone else will know of a similar programme which will run under Windows.


  Diemmess 15:16 29 Apr 2010

..... for the sake of it!
No encouraging signs - its DEAD

Bin Job, and the owner not too worried!

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