Default setting?

  Anna.paperstone 13:44 30 Oct 2012

Hi Guys

I have taken the leap into iphones and I am a new owner of a Samsung Galaxy. I am trying without success to make my hotmail account the default setting but the phone seems to want to keep me connected to it's free gmail account which I do not want. If I try to remove it, it sort of tells me off and that I will lose all info and go back to factory settings!

Any ideas before I chuck it in the bin?


  northumbria61 14:38 30 Oct 2012

I think what you have to do is go to settings,application & settings,manage applications,all,gmail,clean data & ok, the gmail is cleared from phone memory.

  Anna.paperstone 16:29 30 Oct 2012


Thanks, I'll try that


  mgmcc 08:37 31 Oct 2012

Bear in mind that the Samsung Galaxy is an Android phone, i.e. it runs Google's Android operating system, and therefore a Gmail (GoogleMail) account is really obligatory. You don't, of course, actually have to use it even though it's there.

Simplest way to use Hotmail would be to download the official Microsoft Hotmail app from Google Play.

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