virus hijacks google search

  panhandle 01:40 26 Sep 2014

This 'search engine' takes place of Google when using chrome, on 3 different [networked] machines, all Win 7. If I use IE as search engine it is not often a problem. Its' annoying habit is to give results of 'site not found' most of the time. There seems to be no other effect on the machines. It is NOT showing in Internet Options as an available search engine, and Google is set as default. It does not appear in 'auto runs'. A general internet search comes up with all sorts of suggestions on getting rid of it, but has plenty of too obvious answers like uninstall via 'programs & features 'where it is not listed anyway. Any ideas please? I assume it is a virus, but avg & malwarebytes have not found it. Many thanks!

  BillSers 08:28 26 Sep 2014

Download and run RogueKiller and see if that gets rid of it click here

  john bunyan 09:08 26 Sep 2014

Also Download and run ADWCLeaner from here: ADWCleaner

Ps Do ensure it is uninstalled (if there) from Control Panel /Programmes

  Jollyjohn 12:20 26 Sep 2014

If you are sure IE is OK then uninstall Chrome and re install it - this will remove the browser hijacker. You get the option to Import from IE during the install. If you are sure IE is OK Import, if not don't. If IE is compromised go to Add / Remove programs, tick the box to "Show Updates" - wait for list to be filled - scroll down and look for IE and uninstall the update. This will roll IE back one version and remove the hijacker. You can safely update IE later. Finally look in Add / Remove program and look for recently installed programs - probably 3 or 4 on the date you started having problems - Uninstall them .

  panhandle 23:20 26 Sep 2014

RogueKiller found a few things but not this one. Also tried ADW John - very thorough- but nothing there, also no extensions Erica. JollyJohn no recent programme installations but shall uninstall/reinstall Chrome next, see what happens. Shall post again afterwards. More thoughts welcome - has nobody heard of this 'programme'?

  BillSers 08:37 27 Sep 2014

If it's still there try Junkware Removal Tool click here

  panhandle 08:36 28 Sep 2014

Thanks guys - uninstall/reinstall chrome has done the trick, only thing is [which may have been avoidable] is lose my bookmarks, but that's probably a good thing, they needed clearing out anyway. [I prefer the way you manage bookmarks on IE]

Default-search is still on the other machines, shall sort iundividually.

Thank you all!

  Ian in Northampton 09:52 28 Sep 2014

panhandle: fyi, it's possible to preserve Chrome bookmarks. I know it's too late now, but if you go to C:\Users{User Account}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome (Windows 7) you'll find a folder called User Data. I have a backup copy of that and, if I need to reinstall Chrome, I do so and then copy the backup User Data file back to the directory, overwriting the 'fresh' one that's there.

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