Default program for scanned pictures?

  prima12 15:47 08 Nov 2003

Hi all, If I scanned some photos, what would be the default program which would allow me to open them? Unfortunately I downloaded Irfanview and 'associated' all my other files to it, but I don't want to open them with Irfanview. They are jpeg and tif. I am running W98se.

  ton 16:08 08 Nov 2003

Right click file, select Open With and choose one of the programs shown, or select Choose Program and select a photo editor program or whatever. You should also tick the box "Always open with".

  ton 16:14 08 Nov 2003

Sorry, I should have said, left click the file to highlight it, then hold down shift key and right click. You should then see the 'open with' box.

  pj123 16:23 08 Nov 2003

It depends on what other photo editing software you have on your computer??? So, what have you got other than Irfanview?

  JIM 16:37 08 Nov 2003

As pj123 said it depends on what other photo editing software you have,

If nothing else you will have ms/paint.Not a lot you can do with that.

Then it depends on what you want do with them. If you' are going to email them to a dial up connection you will want to save them as JPEGs and compress them.

If you're going to just save them on your HD for future use and editing,then save them as TIFFs.

With JPEG format, each time you open and edit a JPEG you lose some quality. TIFF, PNG BMP are for better quality as you can edit them and they will not degrade.

If you save almost everything as TIFF or PNG then when you can edit them for web use.Convert them to JPEG and compress them and still save the original as a TIFF if you think you might use them again.

With a digital camera if you have one, set everything for very high quality JPEG and store them. If you go to edit any convert it to TIFF.

  prima12 17:07 08 Nov 2003

Perhaps I haven't explained it very well.I had previously scanned the pictures and saved them, when I went to open them up, they would automatically open, and be displayed on the monitor, what I want, is to get back to that initial position, and not have to select a specific program to open them and view.

  pj123 17:23 08 Nov 2003

OK so what did you use to "open them up" in before Irfanview? Was it Windows Explorer? and what is the problem with Irfanview? it's a very good picture viewer and more. I use it and so, I expect do lots of other people on this forum.

  prima12 18:38 08 Nov 2003

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Irfanview, I use it to put my photos onto CD, it's just that I've changed something and I didn't know how to get it back to as it was. I then remembered that I had put the pictures in question onto CD, and it appears they are to be opened with 'Quicktime'. Thanks to everybody for their help. P.

  canard 19:07 08 Nov 2003

Prima to remove file associations from Irfan go to toolbar- options and scroll down to set file associations -choose the extensions tab and click clear all -all associations will be removed.

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