Default program for scanned pictures?

  prima12 15:47 08 Nov 2003

Hi all, If I scanned some photos, what would be the default program which would allow me to open them? Unfortunately I downloaded Irfanview and 'associated' all my other files to it, but I don't want to open them with Irfanview. They are jpeg and tif. I am running W98se.

  ton 16:08 08 Nov 2003

Right click file, select Open With and choose one of the programs shown, or select Choose Program and select a photo editor program or whatever. You should also tick the box "Always open with".

  ton 16:14 08 Nov 2003

Sorry, I should have said, left click the file to highlight it, then hold down shift key and right click. You should then see the 'open with' box.

  prima12 17:07 08 Nov 2003

Perhaps I haven't explained it very well.I had previously scanned the pictures and saved them, when I went to open them up, they would automatically open, and be displayed on the monitor, what I want, is to get back to that initial position, and not have to select a specific program to open them and view.

  prima12 18:38 08 Nov 2003

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Irfanview, I use it to put my photos onto CD, it's just that I've changed something and I didn't know how to get it back to as it was. I then remembered that I had put the pictures in question onto CD, and it appears they are to be opened with 'Quicktime'. Thanks to everybody for their help. P.

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