default gateway blank

  hyemb 22:06 07 Dec 2008

my mom's laptop was connecting the the internet a couple of days ago and my sister started to use it wont connect back to the internet.
my desktop and laptop have no problems connecting to the internet.
i have some networking knowledge but not much.
i have reset my modem and router with no success.
i tried to put in the ip address,subnt mask, dns, and gateway and nothing.
i dont understand y the laptop cannot obtain the default gateway.
an di kno the gateway is missing because of ipconfig/all, the gateway is completely blank when u set it to obtain automatically.

is there anyone that can help me?

  ambra4 00:48 08 Dec 2008

“Now it wont connect back to the internet”

OK let start with a few basic checks

You need to check that the setting listed below is correct

Web Browser Settings

Internet Explorer 4.0 or Higher

Start IE web browser. Select-Tools-Internet Options-Connection Tab

In the “Connection” screen, there are three selections:

“Never dial a connection”,

“Dial whenever a network connection is not present”

“Always dial my default connection”.

If you can make a selection, select “Never dial a connection”.

If you cannot make a selection, select “LAN Settings”

Untick marks next to any of the displayed Options:

“Automatically detect settings”,

“Use automatic configuration script”

“Use a proxy server”.

Click “OK”. Then click “OK” again in the “Internet Options” page.

Network Adapter Setup on all Computers

Also called a LAN card (Local Area Network) or NIC card (Network Interface Connection)

Click-Start-Settings-Network Connection

Double-click on the “Network Connection”

Right-click on the “Local Area Connection” associated with your network adapter

Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.

In the “Local Area Connection Properties” window all boxes should be ticked

If using Windows Vista, Vista contains both the familiar IPv4 stack and the new IPv6 stack.

You do not need IPv6 at the present time disable IPv6 in Vista

Download the pdf file will tell you how to disable IPv6 in Vista

click here

At bottom of display tick the box “Show Icon in Notification Area When Connected”

A display Icon will appear in the task bar when you have finish the setup

Click-Internet Protocol IPv4 (TCP/IP) Click the “Properties” button

Select “Obtain an IP address automatically

Select “Obtain DNS server address automatically”

Click- Advanced-Click-WINS Tab-Tick-Enable LMHOSTS Lookup if untick

Do Not Change Any Other Setting

Click “OK”.

Your computer network card is now configured for use with the Modem/Router

Other Lan Card Setting

Right click on Local Area Connection Display Icon on task bar

Click Status-General-Properties

At the top of display the type of LAN card will be displayed

Click Configure-Click-Advanced Tab

Click- Flow Control-Change to “Auto”

Click-Power Management Tab

Untick if selected "Allow Computer to turn this device off to save power

Network Connection Setting

Click-Start- Setting-Network Connection-New Connection Wizard

Select-Connect to the Internet-Next

Select-Set Up My Connection Manually-Next

Select-Connect using a broadband connection that is always on


Once you have check the set up the LAN hard wire system connect an Ethernet cable from the

laptop to the router and check that you can access the Internet

“Do One Thing At A Time Make Sure You Can Access The Router And Have Internet Access

Before Even Thinking About Wireless Access”

  ambra4 01:47 08 Dec 2008

Once you can access the Internet via the LAN card port you can how look at setting up the

wireless system on the laptop

Check that the wireless antenna is turn On

Most laptop computer these days comes with an build in wireless card; some required you to

switch on the Wireless Radio Antenna via a small slide switch on the laptop or using the FN

(Function) key you have to hold down the FN key and press the key with a small antenna icon to

turn on the Wireless Card Antenna

You now have to check that the wireless card is Enable/Disable from inside the Network

Connection Area

Start-Setting-Network Connection-Right click-Wireless Area Connection-Enable or Disable as


If Enable, Disable and re-Enable the Wireless Area Connection, some time you have to Disable

and re-Enable before the card will connect to the wireless system

Windows XP should show a single wireless icon with a notification that it has found a wireless


Right-click the wireless network icon and then click View Available Wireless Networks.

The Wireless Network Connection window should appear and you should see your wireless

network listed with the network name you choose.

If you don't see your network, click Refresh network list in the upper-left corner.

Click your network SSID name, and then click Connect in the lower-right corner

Windows XP will prompt you to enter a security key.

Copy and paste the encryption key that you entered in the wireless section of the router.

You have to enter the key in both the Network key and Confirm network key boxes, and then

click Connect.

If the Wireless Network Connection window continues to show Acquiring Network Address,

you have enter the wrong encryption key.

Windows XP will show its progress as it connects to your network

After you're connected, you can now close the Wireless Network Connection window.

Check that you can access the Internet

You're done.

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