default adminstator password XP home edition

  CR93Pete 16:10 21 Oct 2003

I had a bit of ashock when my PC wouldn't boot up!It wouldn't even start in safe mode or last known good settings. A frend suggested booting from the installation disc to get to the recovery console. Fine but it requests a administrator password and won't proceed further. I have never put a password in to start up in XP. Is there a default password to move on from here. My friend suspects that it can't find the File Allocation Table. I have recently defraged the hard disc

  Djohn 16:15 21 Oct 2003

If you have not used a password, then none will be required. Try clicking on cancel or close and see if you are allowed to proceed. j.

  Djohn 21:48 21 Oct 2003

Received by e-mail. j.


I will check this on the machine when get home, as I am at work at the moment. I tried all the obvious passwords. even just pressing enter to try to move on. with no sucess

  dave h 16:26 22 Oct 2003

A friend of mine has this problem..I shall watch with interest.....

Icidentally, the machine in question is a Dell... yours wouldn't be a Dell would it???

  MichelleC 16:30 22 Oct 2003

Circumventing the password may help: click here

  Djohn 17:19 25 Oct 2003

Just received by e-mail the message below.


Thanks for help
Problem solved . Removed surplu cards and diconnected DVD drive and Zip100 drives , repair then possible . reconnected everything O.K. Suspect ZIP 100 was the cause it.
Thanks once again
CR93 Pete

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