Decided upon new processor, which one to get?

  Mutant_Llama 11:52 15 Aug 2004

I am thinking of replacing my current processor on my Athlon XP1900 with an XP2600 (I have an asus A7A-266E MoBo and the XP2600 is the max processor)

I currently have 266htz memory but all the processors I see come 333htz, is this going to make any difference?

I realise I am going to need a bigger fan (the one I plan to buy comes with a processor fan already) but will I need additional fans?

Can anyone recommend a decent XP2600 processor?


  thedarkside 12:15 15 Aug 2004

Watch out for the XP2600 as there are 2 similar versions available. There is an older version on the 266FSB and a newer one on a 333FSB. I would be surprised if the 266 version is still to be found. Best bet would be to look for an OEM XP2400 and opt for something like a Coolermaster Aero or Jet HSF. (overclock it of course!)
I built an XP2400 machine recently and it ran at XP2700 no problem.

  Mutant_Llama 12:38 15 Aug 2004

Cheers mate, is this definately saying I cannot install a 333htx FSB processor on my Asus A7A-266E, and I need to look for 266FSB processor?

  961 13:33 15 Aug 2004

If you look on the AMD web site you will find a list of processors and motherboards that will suit.

Alternatively, the Asus site will confirm if your motherboard can take a 333FSB

My guess is that you will be able to find a 266 FSB processor around 2400/2600 and if you can go for the retail version with the fan included. Otherwise go for OEM and buy the fan recommended on the AMD site

Note that the Barton 2500 is probably not suitable

  Mutant_Llama 13:42 15 Aug 2004

Nice one ta!

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