decent software to make photo cd's as a

  ©®@$? 21:07 01 Feb 2004

slide show that can be played on a dvd player, and also able to add sound etc

any recommendations


  britto 21:16 01 Feb 2004

very good , easy to use and free
click here

  WiLL-A 21:18 01 Feb 2004

Ulead DVD PictureShow 2 is quite good and easy to use. There is a trial version available from the Ulead web site. Other than that never used anything else.

  ©®@$? 21:38 01 Feb 2004

cheers peeps, before i got a chane to read your messages i came acroos ulead photo 2 so giving that a blast..


  ©®@$? 22:47 01 Feb 2004

looks like ulead will do the trick cheers

  ©®@$? 15:37 02 Feb 2004

i have been messing with ulead,and all seems great,quick and easy to setup..i have added pictures,narration and background music and i am creating it on a svcd

the thing is, it takes ages to copy to cd, its still in the process 1/4 steps and is still on the first step, its been over 30 minutes already,its still working but very slow

just wondering if this is normal or how quick do yuo copy to cd?


  ©®@$? 15:59 02 Feb 2004

far to slow

any other recommendations please

something similar to ulead

  G&T 16:08 02 Feb 2004

Give pro show a try. You can download a trial version but I ended up buying the "gold version".
Ihave found it very versatile and created some very nice slide shows and put them on CD. You can do tyhis in various formats including VCD, SVCD and XSVCD, so you'll be OK to play on DVD player (as I do)click here

  ©®@$? 18:15 02 Feb 2004

ok cheers

just an update on ulead!

it eventually finished, but would play the sound on my dvd player, it played the slide show but without the narration(wav) or background sound(mp3)

but it played fine through my computer, is this because my dvd player maynot support mp3 or wav..

any ideas anyone, as i hope i dont have the same problem with any other programs i try!

  ©®@$? 18:56 02 Feb 2004

forget my last comment about the sound not playing on dvd player, i never had the bloody hifi on, as that needs to be on to have the sound

lmao, i forgot alright! havn't used it in a while

one problem solved but would like some feedback to why it takes so long to copy to cd (ulead)

i do like ulead but have downloaded the showpro and going to give that a whirl!

but prefer the layout of ulead..but will not put up with it taking 40 minutes or so to copy to cd..

  pinnicat 19:05 02 Feb 2004

maybe a bit nasic for you...but i've had many n hour compiling photos on windows movie maker...version 2 is now available and software to convert to dvd available on micrsoft updates site...worst its done organise my files better.

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