Decent Banner maker

  Lady Lara 23:16 11 May 2005

i want to create a banner for my website. I want to merge 2 pics onto 1 and have 1 as foreground pic (paras parachuting onto bridge (background)).

Have looked at banner maker and tried Frontpage etc but they are not very good.

Anything else out there please?

  Forum Editor 23:28 11 May 2005

any decent graphics program for this. My particular favourite (apart from Photoshop) is Ulead PhotoImpact. FrontPage is a web-design application, and isn't intended for graphic design.

  Lady Lara 23:37 11 May 2005

i did not specify ... A free one

Also FP, as a web design app is also able to do basic graphics, as is word, powerpoint etc (or so the book tells me!!!)

  Belatucadrus 12:01 12 May 2005

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