Death Threats - what to do.

  siliconbits 23:40 22 Oct 2005

Hi there,

Didin't really know where to send this one. I am just looking for an advise on how to solve my problem.

I am living in a houseshare. Some weeks ago, my British housemate literally threatened to kill me. I have a recording on my phone where you can easily guess the violence of his words. It all started because of me pointing out that the rota was not being respected and it ended with me being cornered in the kitchen and being threatened by the fists of a 200 pounds angry guy. I'm slightly more than half his weight so it was obviously not in my intention for the discussion to degenerate.

Last week a new couple moved in our house and I was wondering whether I should have to tell them about the fiery character of our British housemates. What I fear above all is that if somehow in the future something bad happens - and they do happen - I might be accused of not having disclosed information about that guy, even if I knew that he mightbe a danger to others. I've spoken about it to my landlord but he seems to care more about the money coming in than about anything else.

Any advice about this non-I.T related problem.

  joethebow 23:45 22 Oct 2005

Tell the police.

  stalion 23:50 22 Oct 2005

I doubt the Forum Editor will let this thread continue.The best free place for advice on this is your local Citizens advice centre.

  woodchip 23:50 22 Oct 2005

At least

  Kev.Ifty 23:51 22 Oct 2005

Find somewhere else to live.. quickly!!

Write a note to the new tenants, explaining your concerns. Give it to them on your departure.

Tell the Police that you think MR X is a psycho and keep ya head down..

If you need help now call these people click here

They know a bit more than us computer geezers.

Best wishes Kev

  siliconbits 23:52 22 Oct 2005

or if possible move it to somewhere more appropriate.

I trust the internet for (relative) anonymity and I do not want people to judge me from my appearance.

I am a foreigner with a rather poor spoken English and I fear that my tatters make my interlocutor think that I am lying.


  SANTOS7 23:54 22 Oct 2005

sympathies, but i aggree if there is an adverse outcome to whatever we suggest it is going to leave us morally responsible. close the thread and do exactly as stalion has suggested..

  Kev.Ifty 23:56 22 Oct 2005

interlocutor!! Only a foreigner uses words like that ;-)

Phone the Samaritans see what they say.


  SANTOS7 23:56 22 Oct 2005

I have to say that for someone who says they speak broken english your typeing and grammar is pretty good, maybe too good!!!!

  Kev.Ifty 23:59 22 Oct 2005

This is a person who obviously needs help...

There is absolutely no need to be rude.

What ever the help needed.

  siliconbits 23:59 22 Oct 2005

No I am no Psycho, Johnny Rocker. Not trying to get attention. Just trying to get some help, that's all.

For God sake, try to put yourself in my shoes. Where do you think I could turn to.

I will contact the Samaritans next to see if they can advise.

I will leave the thread opened until tomorrow morning. Thanks for everyone for helping

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