Dealing with Virus spreaders?

  1936 16:40 17 Jan 2006

I regularly receive E-Mails from people/Organisations I do not recognise with attachments and a message saying something like. "Your File" or "Please open this file"
Having used this forum for some time I understand that the best way to deal with items that are suspect is never to open such attachments and to delete them. I use an Anti Virus Program and a firewall and hope that I am safe but I have five questions:
1. Surely there must be something that can be done about these scum such as turning their virus onto them or publicising the address they sent the spurious E-Mail from?
2. Is there any point in forwarding dodgy looking E-Mails to ones ISP and suggesting that they check it out.
3. Surely what Virus spreaders are doing is unlawful and if so is there any point in forwarding dodgy E-Mails to the Police?
4. I am a loss as to why people spread viruses, are they perverts, mentally unstable or what?
5. Is there any central organisation that deals with these things?

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