Dead Wireless card????

  [DELETED] 18:58 14 Aug 2003

ok, need to take a look at this first before reading the below

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This one just gets better and better! most is explain by the above.

So i tryed everything i could think of, and nothing worked, so i resorted to the last resort! i removed the card and placed it bag into its ESD bag, formated the hard drive, re-install Xp, and tryed to re-install the card, When i booted... Xp displays a little "New PCI device" bubble, and just stays like that, compared to the first time when i installed it and it worked perfectly, it said new PCI device, then changed to Wireless G card within seconds. So now after about 5 minutes it asks for the CD, which i put in, only to be told by Xp that it cannot find the software for this device! I've tryed downloading the drivers and installing them too. But even after all this, all that is displayed in the devices manager, is unknown PCI device"

My conclustion is that somehow, the card has become damaged, and is now dead! I was using ESD strap at all times, and have installed cards a 100 times befor, and so am un able to think as to how the card became damaged or faulty.

Would like your opinon before i take the card back for replacement of repair.

What do u think!???

  [DELETED] 19:05 14 Aug 2003

Have you put it back into the same PCI slot, or a different one to that used originally?

What happens if you remove the card, reboot, go to Device Manager and remove any reference to 'unknown PCI device'.

Then shut down, reboot, install the downloaded drivers.

Then shut down, install the card to a different PCI slot (preferably one in the middle of the bank of slots, not at the end), then re-start?

  [DELETED] 19:10 14 Aug 2003

Nope! Been there, done that. Its been in able 3 different slots, each slot works, as i've tested the with other cards! I'm 99% sure thats cards faulty.

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