Dead USB Ports

  ArrGee 15:48 03 May 2007

Using my PC as usual (it's only about 4 months old) and I had been tranferring files to an external hd, suddenly the PC decided to turn itself off.

Upon turning it back on, all 6 USB ports (4 rear, 2 front) have died.

I have plugged in the USB flash drive, and it's not registering. But when I plug in my MP3 player, it shows the player is charging through the USB port.

Any help is much appreciated as I'm stumped!

  postie24 15:55 03 May 2007

Have you tried uninstalling them in device manager and rebooting?

  ArrGee 15:59 03 May 2007

Cheers. I'll try that now.

  ArrGee 16:05 03 May 2007

No joy with that unfortunately.

  postie24 16:19 03 May 2007

Have you got any exclamation marks against them in device manager?
You could try a restore aswell

  Spark6 16:22 03 May 2007

Do you have another USB device, i.e. camera, printer etc, to check your ports? Possibly your flash drive has developed a fault!

  ArrGee 16:33 03 May 2007

Just tried a restore, didn't work.

I've tried plugging in a few things (MP3, camera, webcam, wireless stick, TV tuner) to no avail. All still dead as a dodo.

Checked device manager, no exclamation marks or question marks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:36 03 May 2007

Check USB is enabled in BIOS

  keef66 16:38 03 May 2007

how many things did you uninstall in device manager?

When my usb 2.0 card suddenly downgraded itself to usb 1.1 speeds I had to remove every usb entry in device manager (and there were quite a few), reboot, and let the 'found new hardware wizard' do it's stuff.

All back to normal after that.

  ArrGee 16:43 03 May 2007

I'll check the BIOS now.

I removed all the USB entries ealier, did a restart, but there was no message to say 'new hardware found' upon restart.

  keef66 16:46 03 May 2007

you on XP or Vista?

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