dead ,un

  mr gee 16:05 09 Mar 2003

computer seems dead just nothing at all changed psu still nothing checked cables and re-seated ram and cards etc still nowt! is it time to bury it

  AndySD 16:10 09 Mar 2003

Changed the fuse in the plug?

  mr gee 16:13 09 Mar 2003

yes first thing i did even tried another cable

  AndySD 16:18 09 Mar 2003

Unplug everything except the floppy and graphics card... if still nothing then its more than likely the Motherboard.

  mr gee 16:21 09 Mar 2003

thanks AndySD i had a feeling that might be the prob. thanks

  Diemmess 16:29 09 Mar 2003

I know the motherboard and PSU are meant to work together, but surely it could be a PSU failure........PSU failure does produce the same signs.

I have also seen reports in this forum where the normal on/off switch had failed.

If this makes sense, then you could try a borrowed PSU or with great care for your own safety, try bridging the on/off switch with a judiciously placed piece of wire!

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