Dead Puter

  Zooks 19:12 11 Sep 2005

Turned on my puter today and nothing happened. Fans and discs started spinning but no bios screen or warning beeps, nothing.

I have cleared the cmos etc but no change.

Any good ideas I should try before pronoucing the mobo dead?.

Its a asus a7n8x about 2yrs old,

thanks all

  rawprawn 19:18 11 Sep 2005

I assume you have checked the connections

  Zooks 19:32 11 Sep 2005

yes checked connections.

  lotvic 19:51 11 Sep 2005

have you checked that the on/off switch on the front case is not sticking? Take the case off and the front and then try starting up pc. At least you will be able to see what's going on inside if nothing else. (but I guess that you have already done this)

  woodchip 19:52 11 Sep 2005

Do not try the mobo Try a new PSU

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:18 11 Sep 2005

Fans and discs started spinning

Do they continue to spin?

Spin for a second and stop is usually PSU problem

If fans working ok and HDD led ok but nothing on monitor usually = graphics failure or monitor failure.

  Strawballs 20:21 11 Sep 2005

Do you know anybody you can borrow a monitor from just to try it .

  Zooks 20:31 11 Sep 2005

ok bit of an update, I removed the graphics card and started up, this time it accessed the floppy and I guess tried to boot (but of course I can't see anything!)so it seems like the graphics card has died which is anoying as it was a hell of a lot more than the mobo!

I know the monitors ok cause i am using it hooked up to my kids pc, which incidently is full of bloody spyware and driving me potty.

  Strawballs 20:34 11 Sep 2005

Is there onboard graphics that you could try

  Zooks 20:37 11 Sep 2005

no, just a thought but if the power supply was not giving its all then could that pull the rest of the pc down.
the card is pretty power hungry - radeon 9800xt

I think I will swap psw units first!

  Zooks 21:08 11 Sep 2005

drat, power supply swap proved them healthy. new graphic card required!

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