Dead Pixels in TFT Moniter

  2drewej 16:57 10 Sep 2006

hi , ive just bough a 19" HP widescreen tft moniter from PCworld and on closer inspection i noticed there are about two dead pixels.
Should i take it back or am i making too much of a fuss??


  DieSse 17:09 10 Sep 2006

TFTs have an allowable "dead-pixel" number in their specifications.

At least one of the HP monitors accords with the ISO guidelines click here (ignore the fact that it says Ilyama - it's the ISO standard that's important).

Look up the specificatopns for your monitor on the HP web site. Check that it adheres to this specification document. Act accordingly.

Even if it meets the specifications, you can still try returning it and asking for one that's better. But if pixels fail in the guarantee period, as long as the specification is still met, it's unlikely you'll get it replaced under warranty. So act quickly if you want to try a return to the store.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:10 10 Sep 2006

No harm in taking it back, speak nicely to the people there and you will get a replacement.

  spuds 17:16 10 Sep 2006

Depends where the dead pixels are located. Dead centre, then take it back. On the corner's or edge, and it is not interfering with anything, then perhaps not worth the bother.

Dead pixels use to be a thing of great concern when TFT first came on the market, with some products being a lot worse than others. Some manufacturers gave certain warranty entitlements on how many pixels were dead or where they were located.Might be worth contacting HP and see what their limits and guidance is.

  spuds 17:18 10 Sep 2006

Doesn't PC World have a 28 day returns policy!.

  2drewej 17:33 10 Sep 2006

thanks for your quick response - looked at hp's policy and they allow up to 3 bright sub pixel defects , i have looked and found two dead pixels.
pc world do have a 28 day return policy - so they should swap it for another.

im just wondering if its really worth all the hassel though as there must be quite a big chance that the replacement will have some dead pixels????

  DieSse 17:37 10 Sep 2006

*im just wondering if its really worth all the hassel though as there must be quite a big chance that the replacement will have some dead pixels????*

Depends how much hassle it is for you. Many monitors these days don't have any dead pixels - My 19" Benq didn't when I bought it about 9 months ago - and still doesn't.

  Simsy 17:50 10 Sep 2006

I have to constantly move from area to area. I log in at perhaps 5 different machines during the course of a day, possibly 15 or 20 different machines in the course of a week, and about 50 over a longer timescale.

I've looked over the shoulders of other folk working and have cause to look at about 80 screens. All are flat screen. I don't recall any of them having any dead pixels. And these are nothing special... all jsut out of the box working. Various makes.

Hence, it seems to me, dead pixels are vary rare and changing a "faulty" one for a "perfect" one should be a problem.

Good luck,



  Simsy 17:52 10 Sep 2006

should NOT be a problem.



  2drewej 17:54 10 Sep 2006

thanks simsy - looks like its going back then....

  2drewej 17:52 11 Sep 2006

popped in this morning on the way to work and they said i could get another one or keep the old one and have £15 back...

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