Dead Pixels

  zzzgordon 22:32 30 Jan 2003


I'm wanting to buy a TFT monitor - but I'm put off by the phrase 'dead pixels'.

If I buy a monitor with a 3 yr warranty does that cover dead pixels ? - I've seen CTX advertise a 101 day dead pixel guarantee but a three year warranty. - what if i get a dead pixel(s) after 6 months.

How often do pixels die ? - is it a normal occurence ?

  goonerbill 23:56 30 Jan 2003

no manufacturer of tft monitors can guarantee not to have any dead pixels. what happens is that if there is a dead cell on the monitor it will either be on or off (white or black), but there is a limit on the number of dead pixels a monitor can have before it is classed as faulty. the majority of tft monitors will have a dead pixel or 2. apart from ctx, i believe that someone else has a no dead pixel offer but you will pay a premium for these monitors. maybe someone else will give you more indepth info on tft monitors.

  Cordy13 23:58 30 Jan 2003

Up to 8 dead'uns is supposed to be acceptable!

  grove34 00:08 31 Jan 2003

i've got a proview bm780 17" and i haven't got 1 dead pixel at all

  zzzgordon 00:12 31 Jan 2003

so do pixels die one by one over a period of time ?

if i got one dead one when i buy can i assume in a couple of years i'll have 5 or 6 or more ?

  grove34 09:06 31 Jan 2003

mate of mine bought a sony 17" tft and paid £700 for it , when he turned it on it had 3 dead pixels right in the middle of the screen.

when he phoned the company , it told him that this was acceptable and he couldnt have a refund.

luckily the mail order company had a 7 day returns policy , so he could get his money back.

  « Ravin » 09:27 31 Jan 2003

having rarely used tft monitors what exactly happens when you have dead pixels ? a black spot ?

  BrianW 09:41 31 Jan 2003

Ravin, as Goonerbill explained a "Dead" pixel is either off or on. If off then you see a dark spot on the screen, if on a light spot (leastways, I think that's the way round). As to the number of dead pixels that are acceptable, I seem to remember there are two counts used: the total number of dead pixel and the number of adjacent pixels. I haven't seen a screen with dead pixels yet (I'm making no comment about mine, Murphy's about!). If you get one or more in the centre of the screen I imagine it could be annoying, but its probably at the same level as the wires you can see on some of the flat screen CRTs. There is a manufacturers standard that governs what is acceptable re: number and distribution of dead pixels.

  BrianW 09:47 31 Jan 2003

zzzgordon, this site may be of interest - click here

  « Ravin » 09:47 31 Jan 2003

ok thanks

  BrianW 09:49 31 Jan 2003

click doesnt seem to be working. The site is and has an interesting section on TFT panels

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