Dead Pixel on new pda ... Should I exchange?

  PC User 19:39 13 Feb 2003


Just got my new Sony Clie T675, however I noticed ther is a dead pixel on the bottom left of the screen (very visible)

Should I return it and ask for an exchange?


  Gongoozler 20:47 13 Feb 2003

Hi PC User. In my opinion a manufacturer should be able to produce a display of this small size without conspicuous dead pixels, and you should be able to get it exchanged. However after reading the second paragraph of this report on a Sony Vaio click here I think Sony may not agree. In flat panel displays I think only CTX guarantee a model to be totally free of dead pixels.

  PC User 15:00 14 Feb 2003


Thanks for pointing out that article. I noticed it was dated sometime in 2000.

Dont you think in 2003, we should expect a new display to be completely free of dead pixels, especially from someone like Sony?

Anyway I will contact Sony and ask for their opinion.


  Gongoozler 15:18 14 Feb 2003

Hi PC User. Yes I agree. In a large display with millions of dead pixels I accept that the yield with zero dead pixels would be uneconomically low. But with only about 100K pixels I think there should be no intrusive dead pixels.

  MartinT-B 16:11 14 Feb 2003


We sent back our Philips Plasma TV (bought from Peter Jones) 3 times because of deal pixels.

On the 2nd occasion there was only 1, but it was right in the middle.

Having said that, we were paying slighly more the cost of a PDA!

  Gongoozler 16:19 14 Feb 2003

Hi I just reread my posting above. The second sentence SHOULD have read "In a large display with millions of pixels". I think millions of DEAD pixels would be somewhat excessive on any display.

  Spook Tooth 17:12 14 Feb 2003

Lol. I didn't notice that Gongoozler, certainly would be a problem that. But I'm in total agreement regarding the economic and technical ability of TFT manufacturers to produce screens of PDA size with no dead pixels at all on purchase.

It's not a 19" screen they are talking about, so it's not terribly reasonable to expect to have maybe 1 or 2 ineffective pixels, as in that case. The retailer may be more than happy to offer an exchange, and in any case, it is reasonable for them to do so, so this info from Gongoozler is what I'd argue my case with, if it was necessary to do so.

  PC User 23:36 14 Feb 2003

I am really getting irritated by this dead pixel... it is only in one spot but it is very visible...

SONY says I should send it to them, they will check it and repair if necessary( for **** sake it's only 2 days old !!!)

Now here is the thing ... my PDA is 2 days old ... so I should be able to exchange it (am I Right???) for another make and model ... a PALM Tungsten T

So can I ask for an exchange???


  Pauper 23:51 14 Feb 2003

PC User, you haven't stated who you purchased the pda from, or whether or not you have complained directly to them (the supplier), it is the retailer who you have the contract of sale with and I would suggest that you approach them first, irrespective of any standards - manufacturer or otherwise, which govern the number of dead pixels in a new display, if an individual dead pixel is causing you concern then push for your retailer to change the pda. I would also add caution that if you intend to send the unit back to Sony that you discuss with them exactly what they consider a ‘failure’ to be or you could be lumbered with a large bill to get your pda back with a new screen, or at worst with the same screen and a certificate stating that it is within their specified standard.

  PC User 00:00 15 Feb 2003

hi Pauper

I bought it from

I contacted them about the dead pixel and they said I must contact Sony (see what sony says above) and then they will arrange an exchange basically if Sony agrees it needs to be exchange (which sony does not want to acknowledge until they have the thing in their hand)

So what I am saying is that under distance selling, dont I have 14 days to change my mind and ask for a full refund or exchange to another model??? Please advise on this matter ... Am I right on this?

  Migwell 00:01 15 Feb 2003

No! The sale of goods act 1979, said that you are not entitled to a replacement but you are entitled to your money back if the goods are not fit for the purpose they are intended for, or that they are not as decribed, or they are not of merchantable quality.

With electrical goods and some others, they can ask you to let them repair the item first.

However you must put in writing that you reject the goods in question, on the grounds that they are not fit for the purpose as intended, and not of merchantable quality.

When they do give you your money back you can then buy anything you like, with that money. Or even just take it back and go to another firm to spend, if you want.

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