Dead pixel on laptop screen mabye?

  mammak 20:35 14 Jun 2006

Hi on my Acer Aspire 3003LMi laptop that is six months old
for about two months had on the screen what looked like a dead pixel a tiny shiny dot
but it has now just gone!

Do you think it was a dead pixel?

If so can they just fix themselves in this manner not big a problem just curious?

as this baby is my pride and joy and is looked after like a baby.

  mammak 20:38 14 Jun 2006

Oh yeh and the reason i came to the helproom is if it reapears should I be worried and is there anything I can do ?

  woodchip 21:01 14 Jun 2006

They are allowed so many dead ones. Even new

  Stuartli 21:05 14 Jun 2006

There's nothing you can do with regard to replacing the laptop or even the screen - one dead pixel wouldn't be regarded as warranting such action.

There are utilities available to try and get rid of dead pixels on TFT screens etc - try Googling for one.

  GaT7 21:17 14 Jun 2006

"...but it has now just gone" - it may have been a speck of dust.

If still present, see if you can find it with the free Dead Pixel Locator click here. G

  mammak 21:51 14 Jun 2006

Thanks all was not going to go as far as to replace under warrenty or anything that drastic was only curious!

Crossbow7 thanks also will give that a shot and get back to you thanks again all.

  mammak 10:06 15 Jun 2006

josie mayhem thanks that is mabye what has happened with mine as I do clean my screen reguarly so mabye unawares fixed the dead pixel,
am of to read properly the link that Crossbow7 gave me and will get back thanks again to you all.

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