Dead PC - HELP Please!!

  Leepy Lee 12:43 12 Jun 2006

My PC (very old Advent) recently refused to start up, failing to boot from the C drive. I got round that by booting from the XP CD and after repairing Windows it seemed OK for a while.
Now it just refuses to start at all. Power on and the hard disc spins for a few seconds then stops, but the BIOS screen doesn't even appear so I can't even tell it to boot from the CD again. There are no POST beeps and it doesn't even try the floppy. There is also no video output to the monitor. It has been disconnected from the mains for a week whilst away on holiday.

Is it a totally lost cause? Any ideas to get it started please?


  rawprawn 14:20 12 Jun 2006

Check all the connections inside & out, sorry can't stay I in an internet cafe and my money is just about out.

  ?. 15:05 12 Jun 2006

Replace the cmos battery.

  ed-0 15:15 12 Jun 2006

Do you have a spare PSU ( power supply unit ). If you do, try using that.

  Josho™ 15:17 12 Jun 2006

When that happend to me it was the mobo. Try replacing it if possible. What are your specs? I have a few (7) spare PC's if there better or equivilent to yours, you can have one I guess.

  Josho™ 15:18 12 Jun 2006

I don't think it's the PSU, like I said on my last post it was the mobo, I'm still using the PSU from it.

  Leepy Lee 07:56 13 Jun 2006

I removed all the cards except the video card and it powered up OK.

Replacing all cards one at a time revealed a faulty network card was preventing the PC from working.

New network card installed and all is now well.

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