dead PC - again!

  rogermatthews 22:43 05 Jan 2010

My wife's PC has gone dead - won't switch on.

Thanks to the similar posts in the forums I have a better idea what the experts think. My first thought was failed PSU; however, when connected to the mains an LED on the mobo (presumably power indicator) is on and working fine.

In view of this, do you think it's a fair bet that the PSU is OK? (in which case I have real problems - I've checked the power switch and all the internal connections!)


  Technotiger 22:55 05 Jan 2010

No, Dead PSU is a fair bet - it does not take much power to light up a LED.

  rogermatthews 05:45 06 Jan 2010

Thanks Technotiger - I thought that might be the case!

I guess I was just looking for an easy solution. After a night's sleep I'm now ready to face the hassle, and I'll try a new PSU today

Thanks again

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