dead PC

  geewis 22:06 19 May 2003

The other day I was asked to look at my friends doughters pc as when she tryed to boot up she was geting an error message she could not understand (she uses the PC for word prossesing only and knows nothing at all about computing)I soon found out that the bios battery had gone flat, but the pc is so old I canot get one of the same type its like 3AAA cells wired together producing 4.5v. I could make one but how long would it lasd and how to restor the bios settings to default settings . all her college work for the last 3 years are stored with no backups.

with thanks

ps. OS win98 1st edition

  AMD 4 ever 22:12 19 May 2003

easily sorted...see if you can whip out the hdd and slave it to yours.assuming that the hdd wasn't the error?

  powerless 22:13 19 May 2003


  jazzypop 22:14 19 May 2003

Meanwhile, these people look like they could help - click here - I'm sure Maplins could, too

  geewis 22:16 19 May 2003

Thanks AMD 4 ever. That wouls take care of saving the work but I wuld like to reboot the system.

  DieSse 22:18 19 May 2003

Looks like the right place!

  Forum Editor 22:20 19 May 2003

will not be affected - it's the CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor)that is kept alive by the battery, and that's the brain-stem of the computer if you like - the part that maintains the clock, knows about memory configuration and drive parameters, and tells the computer what to do when you press the 'on' button. No CMOS means no computer, and unless you can get a power supply to the CMOS the machine has reached the end of its life (or at least the motherboard has).

Older motherboards had batteries soldered onto the board, and these batteries were often designed to last for ten years or so - by which time the machine would normally have become obsolete anyway. You might try making a new battery in the way you suggest, but be warned that one slip can wreck the CMOS - particularly connecting the battery with the wrong polarity.

The hard drive can always be put into another machine to retrieve data files.

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