Dead PC

  sneakerman 09:56 12 Jan 2003
  sneakerman 09:56 12 Jan 2003

My PC recently died, I believe due to an electricity problem - my house alarm was set off and neighbours report their lights having been brighter than normal. I did have a 'surge' protector which I bought in B&Q but I never registered it so it is worthless. Having read the t&c's for the surge protector I don't think I would have got anything anyway.
I have now bought a Belkin surge protector as they 'appear' to be best but I have just realised something - they make no mention of protection when the PC is switched off but still plugged in, which is when my problem occurred. Can anyone tell me if these surge protectors provide any protection when switched off?

  BRYNIT 10:31 12 Jan 2003

Do you get anything from the computer ie lights, fan etc.

Have you checked the fuse

If you have a pci modem and this was not protected by the surge protector try without as sometime a dead modem causes problems.

A surge protector protects any unit that is connected switched on or off if it is working correctly. Once the surge hits the protector it is prevented from going to the units.

  AMD 4 ever 10:49 12 Jan 2003

If you are this worried then perhaps your money will be best spent on a UPS, these will offer the best protection, if mains failure then batteries kick in, if a spike or surge occurs ten these also have tripping protection.

As far as iam aware the Surge masters etc, will only provide support while being powered, and not powered down!

  sneakerman 17:25 12 Jan 2003

I wasn't that clear about what happened. There is a red light shining on the motherboard, there are no beeps. The fan seems fine. I believe the problem is the CPU. I have bought a new power supply and I have borrowed another base unit and my hard disk is fine, CDRW and DVD are also fine.
There is no use crying over spilt milk, I have bought a new MB/CPU and memory - might as well look at this as an opportunity, however I do not want it to happen again, I would say our electricity is generally fine, rumour control says the problem may be due to a new housing estate being built close by.

I don't know much about electrics, how can something like this happen when the computer and all associated equipment is switch off. I have a 6 socket surge protector to which I have added a light switch which powers down all 6 sockets - how does power get through to the computer? Is there a spcific type of 'light switch' I can get that disconnects live,neutral and earth wires?


  Old PC man 10:45 13 Jan 2003

Yes there is. Its called a "manually remove plug from socket when not in use" and are so cheap, I don't know why they are not supplied as standard with all electrical equipment.

  DieSse 11:00 13 Jan 2003

A surge protected mains strip will provide protection whether the computer is switched on or off.

No protection devices are 100% effective, but if you've got some sort of warranty against consequential damage, then this is better than not having it, of course.

Unplugging when you're not there is very sensible. I always unplug my power from the mains when I go out - even a switch is not 100% protection.

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