dead pc?

  fbadt 18:12 30 Dec 2008

Hi all,
I tried to turn on my pc earlier today and nothing, no power, start up, its as if it's not plugged in. It is, of course, and I tried the fuse, opened it up and checked the connections and even changed the power unit but nothing, it's dead, yet it was working fine last night, the game I was playing crashed so I shut it down which seemed to happen fine, then tried today and nothing. Any one have any ideas what could have happened or if it could be saved?! I know there's not a lot of info there but it seems fine, no burning or elec. smell, any possible suggestions? it blew the power unit a few weeks ago, but seemed fine - until now. please help!

  crosstrainer 18:15 30 Dec 2008

Could be a dead PSU, (Power supply)

Best to check with a borrowed one if possible.

  fbadt 18:20 30 Dec 2008

I swapped the one in the pc with a brand new store-bought one, I could be unlucky enough to have bought a dodgy one, but the one in the pc was about 6wks old and doesn't smell like it's burnt out. I can't get to another one, least till tomorrow when I could swap out the one I bought. in the meantime, is there anything else it could be? I also tried a powercable and different plugs. so annoying.

  woodchip 18:41 30 Dec 2008

Try Removing the Plugs from Main Hard Drive with Power Off, then try starting. i had one like this that stopped the Computer dead in its tracks

  fbadt 19:52 30 Dec 2008

thanks for the advice, tried it but still dead, I don't understand it, is it possible for the pc to just 'die' and nothing work?!

  Carpigiani 19:58 30 Dec 2008

I had exactly the same problem the other day.

It turned out that a jumper cap had fallen off of the motherboard. A long shot I know, but worth a look.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:10 30 Dec 2008

is it possible for the pc to just 'die' and nothing work?!

PSU failure
motherboard failure
CPU failure

will all kill a PC stone dead, no beeps no clicking no leds, no picture.

Memory fault usually gives error beeps but its always worth a remove refit of memory to see if it makes any difference.

Killed mine yesterday by trying to fit a HDD power plug while machine switched on, blew the 10A fuse in the plug luckily nothing else.

  baldydave 20:26 30 Dec 2008

possible faulty on/off switch on the front of PC,try shorting pins on the motherboard(follow cable from switch to the board and "short" the two pins momentarily

  Switcher 20:45 30 Dec 2008

Had similar symtoms before, turned out to be similar to "Baldydave" suggestion. Microswitch had popped out of case so pressing start button did nothing

  fbadt 21:26 30 Dec 2008

it could be the start button but I can't reach it, its behind the harddrive casing and I can't remove it, the wires seem secure but it's impossible to tell, I can't find any loose connections elsewhere or any open connectors that might be missing something. I bet it is the switch, but I can't get to it. what a jip. I am a serious novice when it comes to the pc insides so I'm just prodding at things, frustrating if it's something as simple as a loose connection.

  Switcher 22:54 30 Dec 2008

If your pc has a reset button you could remove the two leads from the motherboard which come from the start button and substitute the two leads from the reset switch. You could then start from the reset switch. If it is indeed the start switch whch is faulty.

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