Dead PC

  HANAH 14:21 13 Jan 2007

I bought a custom made PC a year or so ago. A few days ago, the PC would not boot up (it would freeze at the windows xp bit on booting and would go no further). I've taken it back to the place I brought it and been advised that I need to purchase the Windows Licence disc for £65 from them in order for them to get it running again.

I don't want to be taken for a ride and pay that much only for it not to work. Any advice as to whether I should go for this option or not (paying the £63 and get it done) or anything else I could do? Would it be worth getting rid of totally and how much would it be worth? I've hsted this PC right from the beginning (it seems mutual) and wouldn't mind getting a new one up to £400. The spec of this peice of junk is:

AMD Athlon 2.2GHZ

I want the hard disc so that'll be taken out.

Thanks for any responses.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 14:26 13 Jan 2007

can u get hald of a windows xp disc from someone you know and try the repair option
1 set bios to boot from disc
2 inset disc
3 boot from disc seklect repiar
follow instructions

  surfmonkey #:@}© 14:28 13 Jan 2007

better instructions click here

  spuds 14:32 13 Jan 2007

I assume by your comment that the computer was supplied, with a pre-installed operating system and no recovery disk. The company that you purchased the computer from, should be able to do a repair without you purchasing the licence disk (again?).

Was the computer supplied with a Microsoft sticker attached?.

  HANAH 14:40 13 Jan 2007

The PC came with a pre-installed Windows XP. I didn't get a recovery disc. I've been told I need to purchase the licence it seems again!

So, can I get hold the windows xp disc from someone who's already used it for their own PC?

Ebay worth a try for that disc?

  wee eddie 14:53 13 Jan 2007

Trying to take you for a ride, because that is likely to be only part of their charge. Unless I am mistaken there may be ways to get around this problem.

How long have you had the PC?

Have you tried booting in Safe Mode?

Are you getting a POST Beep when the PC starts?

Are you willing to try a few things and thumb your nose at them. If you are thinking of replacing the PC then trying a few possible fixes will cost you nothing but some time.

Do you have any of the PC's original documentation?

  HANAH 15:07 13 Jan 2007

Thanks weeeddie - that's what I thought. I've already paid £450 for a pc that's given me nothing but grief and I really don't wanna pay any more on this trash!

I've had it for over a year now. I'm not much of a PC buff but can do the basics.

If you could sorta point me: how do I boot in safe mode?

The PC doesn't beep after it starts. It just sits on the Windows XP loading page for ages then tells me "sorry for the inconvenience" and goes back to the same thing again. Hah!

I don't have any of the PC's original docs - I didn't get much and didn't really have a clue when I bought it. Shouldn't have been so naive, I realise that a little too late.

So: I'm willing to try anything at the mo as long as I can follow the instructions!


  wee eddie 15:15 13 Jan 2007

You're on the net with another PC?

Is the faulty PC connected to the Net, Broadband or Dial-up?

What Security software (Anti-Virus, Firewall, Pop-up Stopper etc) do you have and when was it last updated?

What other Software do you have installed?

  HANAH 15:21 13 Jan 2007

I'm on the net with a laptop at the mo.

Tha faulty PC can be connected to the net (broadband). It's currently living in my car's boot though!

The security software I have is Norton Total Internet Security.

I have loads of other software on Epson printer and scanner software, Adobe, AOL, can't remember them all etc.

Will I need that boot disc before we start though cos I don't have that?

  surfmonkey #:@}© 15:21 13 Jan 2007

why purchase a licence? just a thought i may be wrong but if the pc shop i gather its a pc shop sold you a pc with windows xp installed on should`nt they have given you a licence key so you are licenced to use to op system as well which is normally on casing.if so dont buy one just ask that they provide you with one for the pc that you purchased.
can someone put me wright if im wrong please for future reference.

  howard64 15:24 13 Jan 2007

to get into safe mode as soon as the pc starts up the first lot of into has stopped as it starts to go into windows bounce the f8 key up and down a few times and you should get the option to start in safe mode. If you do start in safe mode you can then use system restore to go back a few days to when it was working.

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