Dead PC

  bgrave 21:53 14 Jul 2006

My PC has been working for over a week now, I was setting passwords in the BIOS save and exit, I allowed it to get to desktop then I shut down for a reboot. When I pressed the start button nothing absolutley dead. Would the PC at least start the fans if the Processor was dead. The power supply seems to be ok when I switched off the fan runs for about two minutes.

  lotvic 00:24 15 Jul 2006

"When I pressed the start button nothing absolutley dead."

Basics first.
Take off the front cover on pc and check the start button is not sticking.
Is the monitor switched on? Does it have a green light or amber, if no lights on monitor check that the fuse is okay in the monitor plug.

  goonerbill © ® 04:17 15 Jul 2006

could be any number of reasons your pc will not start. best to start at the wall plugs change fuses, are the plugs inserted fully, is the power lead into pc inserted fully. if all is ok, its time to look inside, when turning on pc do any fans run or lights on the motherboard (if it has any some do, some dont) light up. if they do, power is coming from the power supply but does not nessecarily mean power supply is not the problem.

dont forget, if you are going to touch any items inside the computer, not to do it with the power on and disconnect from the mains (sorry if you know this but its funny (not) what some people will do without thinking about it). after checking the basics and you still have a dead pc, report back here and state what you have done so that i or others can suggest what else to try to get your pc back up and running.

  bgrave 19:13 15 Jul 2006

One minute the PC was fine, re-boot and nothing as in nothing, no fans or indicator lights. Tomorrow I intend to remove the cards and try again to see if one has gone down. I do wonder about the power supply if it did go it went quietly.

  phil46 19:16 15 Jul 2006

Have you checked the fuse in the plug????

  bgrave 23:08 16 Jul 2006

The PC that I am using now is connected to the same wire. I did remove the PCI cards but this made no differance. From here it does look like the PSU I will resolve this now but post later on.
Thanks BJG.

  wee eddie 23:54 16 Jul 2006


Whatever you have done did not take effect until you rebooted.

Unfortunately I know nothing on the subject of BIOS Settings and how to change them. Others will!

Just hang around a while

  bgrave 12:05 17 Jul 2006

Ok I will still be here, but the PC would not start at all no fans lights nothing.

  wee eddie 15:38 17 Jul 2006

if one inadvertently changes the wrong BIOS setting.

Have you tried Safe Mode yet?

  wee eddie 15:43 17 Jul 2006

I'm afraid that you'll have to work out how to do it yourself. I have an idea but it would really be a case of the blind leading the blind.

click here

  bgrave 17:53 17 Jul 2006

The Offending PC will not switch on.

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