Dead PC

  Hrosir 08:11 12 May 2006

I have a slight problem with my pc. In the middle of a project I was working on, the system shut down with no warnings or error messages.The effect was the same as pulling the power lead out!I am hoping that perhaps it may be the power supply unit that has failed, would there be any other causes that I should investigate? My PC has been working fine for the last 2 years.

  xania 08:55 12 May 2006

I assume that you've checked the fuse in the plug. If its completely dead, I would cerrainly suspect either a fuse or total fialure of the power supply. Otherwise, there would be at least some signs of life.

  terryf 08:58 12 May 2006

If the fuse inside the power supply has blown, the only way to check it is to dis-assemble the PSU and check it with a meter. Easier to buy/borrow another psu and try that or seek professional help.

  martjc 09:05 12 May 2006

...of non use, switch it on and listen look, smell. If there is a fan sound, or even if you can see the little light on the front of the case, there is power getting through.

If there's a fan but no action/boot, suspect motherboard or cpu breakdown.

If there is a bad smell, sorry, kaput.

If there's a light but nowt else, try re-seating all components and plugs - memory, graphics card, plugs going to disk drives. Sometimes the simplest problem can stop a system completely.

  Diemmess 09:08 12 May 2006

Balance of probability lies as you suspect with a failed PSU.

Basic things to check however silly they might seem.
Is the mains socket able to power anything else which might be plugged in?
If it can, then you can forget a tripped switch on the distribution board! (I once started to investigate my TV when for some unknown reason the circuit switch had tripped.

You have checked the fuse in the plug-top?

There is a very small possibility that the circuit on the motherboard which carries a low voltage signal to the PSU to switch on/off, has failed, but a new PSU would simplify diagnosis at a small risk to your pocket.

  Hrosir 07:18 24 Jun 2006

I changed the PSU for a new one and tried again and guess what, nothing! I now have built a new pc using just the Graphics card, memory and peripheral cards from the old unit. I suppose that it must have been a motherboard fault. I expected that my HDDs would not function after the bios on the new board loaded up but it seems as though it has not effected this even though the new board has an Athlon 64 installed, not complaining just explaining.
Thanks to all who helped me out

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