rickimalone 14:58 27 May 2004

A friend's PC is not starting up, the power is there harddrive is going all the fans and everthing put no picture just black.

I have tested the monitor with another PC and that works so I cant understand whats going on, I on plugged the monitor cable when its on and then it say's no signal so I think it definatly and motherboard cpu issue as it was running o/c without extra cooling.

My question is if he bought a new motherboard CPU and RAM would he just be able to connect the HDD and CDRW etc and it would go from there with out losing data as its at of warentee with no software for components? It wont even disaply BIOS with or without the graphics card in ive even cleared the CMOS in a hope the o/c settings would be reset to default??????????????/

  Epocs 15:01 27 May 2004

Is the graphics card on-board? If not might be worth testing it in another computer if possible before splashing out on CPU and M'board.

  inneedofhelp 15:06 27 May 2004

its probaly the graphics card. If it on-board, just buy a new mobo, howevr if its an expensive agp type, or pci, then swap these with one that works and test that.

  rickimalone 15:08 27 May 2004

Graphics is ATI radeon agp, however im fearing the worse as the POST beeps are'nt happening.

Now would he need new RAM as well as motherboard and CPU, also will the HDD with windows XP on just plug in and go......

  Fruit Bat 15:12 27 May 2004

Has mobo got onbord graphics if so remove agpp raddeon card and switch to onboard if ok the moboram hddd all ok

  rickimalone 15:17 27 May 2004

tried taking out AGP still same????

  rickimalone 15:49 27 May 2004

If I cant get it going could I put his HDD in mine as a slave and just take his data of that and put it on to cd in the mean time so he does'nt lose any work??

Also does the loss of the POST BEEP mean that the motherboard and cpu i fried?

  Fruit Bat 15:58 27 May 2004

Your sugestionof hdd as slave would work fine.

power on, fans running, hdd going, would be suprised if mobo /cpu u/s with all this happening.

  hugh-265156 16:01 27 May 2004

try the graphics card in another computer or try your graphics card in your friends to test.

  rickimalone 00:22 28 May 2004

Thankfully all is well, my friend admited he had earlier that day and tried to get the AMD 2400+ to run at 2.3ghz!!!!! without doing anything in the way of cooling or knowledge of waht he was doing !!!!

The issue was resoved by removing the CMOS battery and power supply to the motherboard and clearing the jumper to allow it to reset, it seems as if the system was not starting to protect the system, but after I while of removing everything we had music to our ears the POST bleep!!!

This is very good as its his mothers PC and he was ready to order a new motherboard, cpu and RAM from ebuyer so we are very happy its running again!!!!

So let this be a lesson to all new budding overclockers!!!! research what your doing first!!!

Well im owed a few beers now as I have been here since 4pm and my girlfriend is going to fry me when I get home!!!

thanks to all who tried to help.

  hugh-265156 01:25 28 May 2004

thanks for posting the solution.

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