dead new build

  fred 13:11 19 Jul 2003

I'm trying to get a new build system (first build) running and am having problems. On power up the fans spin for less than half a second then they stop and the power LED flashes rapidly.

This behaviour is seen when any combination or all of DVD, HDD and FDD are disconnected.

Jeantech full tower case, Chaintech 7NJS Zenith MB, Ge Force 4 MX440 8X 64M AGP, AMD Athlon 2600, 512M DDR 3200

I've not fitted the firewire card, or SPDIF and disconnected the Cbox front panel in an attempt to cut down possible causes.

Could the non use of a case fan contribute to the no-go please?

Any other suggestions please?

  Jimma 13:36 19 Jul 2003

Just a thought, have you tried changing the clear CMOS jumper?

  bebbo 14:02 19 Jul 2003

possibly its an earthing fault.Try and build it outside the case and just attach the video card.If it works then its an earth fault between mobo and case.You should fit those tiny fibre washers between board and case mounts.If no joy then its either power supply or mobo or even duff ram.As stated here have you got the cmos jumper set wrong? check the manual.Lets us know how u get on.

  howard60 16:35 19 Jul 2003

as Jimma says - check the cmos clear jumper as shown in the manual just lately a lot of mobos are coming out with the jumper set to clear cmos rather than as the manual says default is not to clear.

  Gaz 25 16:52 19 Jul 2003

Sorry to hear it is dead, try the above anyway, and let me know if still no joy.

Good luck.


  Bodi 16:59 19 Jul 2003

most of above advice. Start from scratch, outside the case, with minimum components. Then go along from there.

You could check that the CPU is seated properly and that the heatsink & fan are sitting flush to the CPU.

You seem to have the right idea and good luck - not so much as "tight lines" as "whirring fans".


  keith-236785 19:51 19 Jul 2003

once you have checked the clear bios jumper.

Check the reset button on your case is not stuck or out of line, check by pulling the wires from the motherboard and try to boot again, if it boots then you have found your fault.

good luck

  keith-236785 19:54 19 Jul 2003

sorry that should have been pull the reset switch connector from the motherboard.

  ellas 20:00 19 Jul 2003

possible faulty mobo.

  fred 21:33 19 Jul 2003

Thanks for the suggestions.
Spent most of the afternoon playing.
Well, it's up and running after a fashion.

First problem a dead processor Athlon 2600 due, I'm told, to the clips on the heat sink not providing enough pressure between the heat sink and the chip. The heat sink compound was barely scratched by the processor. The two arrived in a plastic, sealed container and sold as a pair The processor was replaced with a 2400 for the time bieng.

Second problen a duff stick of 512M 400 MHz DDR. Played hell with installing XP as the RAM was unstable. Replaced with 256M 266 MHz from another machine for now.

Some of the drivers supplied with the mainboard are not XP compatable. This yet to solve, but am winning.

  fred 21:39 19 Jul 2003

p.s. my earlier comment re. a case fan is irrelavent as the mschine is happily running UD at about 60 degrees C with no case fan.

Diolch bawb. Thanks all.

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