dead mouse; virus??

  keef66 11:54 25 Jul 2005

Windows XP home, mouse stopped working apparently in the middle of a game demo (teenage son on pc at time) Restart, got as far as the welcome screen showing the user accounts but couldn't click on them. Restarted in safe mode and ran AVG scan which detected and deleted two worms, on restarting normally the mouse now functioned properly, but the e-mail notification next to my account icon was telling me I'd got hundreds of unread e-mails. Turns out it now thinks my e-mail address is that of teenage son. Downloaded tweakui from MS which allowed me to stop it displaying his e-mails next to my account, but still concerned something else may be amiss. At one point I looked at system restore, only to find it switched off. Can viruses / malware do this?


  Kate B 13:11 25 Jul 2005

What was the game demo? That could be the method of getting the worms into your machine.

Have you also got Spybot, Adaware, A-squared, Microsoft Anti-Spyware etc? Suggest you do scans with all of those, too - and oh, back up your data while you can in case you need to do a reinstall.

But I would have thought the various antimalware apps should find and sort out whatever's happened.

  flavas 13:38 25 Jul 2005

the emails are probably the work of a trojan horse virus that uses your account to send out hundreds of junk mail every minute. The unread emails are possibly the failed deliveries. just a guess.

  keef66 14:10 25 Jul 2005

Kate B

That was my first thought, but the demo was Unreal 2004, and it was downloaded months ago and has been played numerous times before without apparent problem. Maybe it was waiting to launch later?
I have all those apps except MS antispy; A squared picked up and removed one of these worms last week, but there were no ill effects at the time.


the hundreds of unopened e-mails were those on my son's hotmail account. Looking at user accounts in the .net passport wizard my e-mail address was recorded as his! I've sent myself a couple of e-mails from work to ensure I'm still receiving my own mail!

  keef66 10:45 27 Jul 2005

I think that using TweakUI has repaired my entry on the welcome screen. It now shows my correct e-mail details. All scans show clean. I'll tick as resolved, although I still don't know what really happened in the first place.

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