Dead laptop screen - can I remove it?

  palinka 18:33 25 Aug 2005

I had a laptop problem last weekend click here

I thought it was solved, but NO, the screen is dead as a dodo. The miracle I described in that link lasted all evening; but after I'd switched off the next boot-up was worse than ever. I've tried taff36's suggestions and that doesn't work either.

Tried connecting to my own monitor and all is well, so the laptop itself is alive , just the screen that's died completely.
I'll look for suitable (ie cheap) monitors, but can anyone tell me whether it's possible to remove the screen on the laptop? Using laptop plugged into my own monitor I found very distracting (could see the dead monitor all the time as well as mine). And the frend who owns this laptop uses it in a rather confined space, so it would be good to get rid of the screen if that's possible. Advice, please?

  Big Elf 19:38 25 Aug 2005

Check the Power Options in Control Panel to make sure it doesn't go into hibernation, sleep mode etc. when it's shut then close it up when in use. That's what I do with my laptop when I use an external screen.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:45 25 Aug 2005

click here post problem on forum or

Have a look click here and

click here

  palinka 10:23 26 Aug 2005

thank you both; I'll look at those sites, Fruit Bat /\0/\, before I make a decision.

  palinka 11:28 26 Aug 2005

those 2 addresses for repairs are not too far away so my friend could even deliver the laptop to them himself.

  Taff36 13:15 26 Aug 2005

My Evo N1015V has bitten the dust. I have so far replaced the HDD and this makes no difference so the problem is probably down to a motherboard problem in my case. I suggest you take yours to a repair specialist and get them to diagnose & quote for the repair. If it is just the screen backlight it is worth repairing. Anything else could cost a fortune - I`ve checked some prices!

  palinka 14:02 28 Aug 2005

thanks, Taff36, and commiserations.
I used one of the sites suggsted by FruitBatand advisefrom the forum there suggested it is not the backlight.

i've been doing some more sherlock Holmesing and will start a new thread to see if what I've found suggests anything else that may be causing the problem.

  David4637 16:37 28 Aug 2005

It could be the back light "bulb", the power convertor pcb or the wiring ribbon. Its not easy to decide which bit has packed up, and its not easy to get to any of those parts. Let us know what you decided to do, we may learn from it? Thanks David

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