dead laptop screen

  teak goblin 22:45 30 Jan 2006

hi i have a laptop and when its turned on i get it to boot up and into the xp splash screen but the top half of the screen has white lines so you cant really see whats going on.
i have connected the laptop to a monitor and i get a picture but it keeps coming up with an error and it keeps rebootimg as anyone got any ideas what could be wrong with it .
ps: it's not my laptop a friend as asked me to have a look but i couldn't sort it out so i gave it back to him but its just bugging me and id like to know whats wrong with it.
thanks tg

  Skyver 23:01 30 Jan 2006

Does it share video memory with system memory?

  teak goblin 00:05 31 Jan 2006

hi skyver, im not sure id have to go and have a look at it , why do you ask that would it cause the problem.

  Skyver 13:18 31 Jan 2006

If the system shares memory with video and that memory is faulty, you'll get weird patterns on the screen, rather than the crashes that would occur if that memory was being used to store program code or data.

  teak goblin 20:31 31 Jan 2006

hi skyver if i plug it in to a moniter and use i linux live disk it works fine but it keeps crashing ( rebooting if i try to load xp) even if i try in safe mode the lines on the screen almost make up a solid mass on the btm of the screen not on the top as i first said
thanks for your reply but its still bugging me

  DamianScott 23:54 31 Jan 2006

It's more than likely caused by the ribbon cable that connects the screen to the base of the laptop. It may have come undone from it's connection to the system board, and therefore can be reconnected quite easily, although if you're not technically minded, don't even go there! However, if you're feeling cock-sure, take the keyboard off the laptop, and look for an inch wide, copper or white coloured ribbon cable that runs from the screen. It will probably run into a push-fit connector on the system board, simply disconnect & reconnect the cable and see if this works!

Or, it could be that the ribbon cable is fractured and needs to be replaced.

If you know the type/model of the laptop try calling Totis, you'll find their info here click here . Speak to Andy Yates for Sales & tech advice.

Best of luck.


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  teak goblin 20:48 01 Feb 2006

hi damian, thanks for your reply the laptop is a toshiba equium l10 142. i have had a look inside the laptop under the keyboard and there is 2 ribbons one is for the keyboard and there is another one which is white and about 10mm wide ive taken this off and put it back again but it still doesnt solve the problem i also noticed that there are some other small wires (white & black) going to the screen but im not sure what they are so im going to leave it well alone unless anyone can offer any more help
thanks tg

  rupie 00:04 04 Feb 2006

I have a tosh with a similar problem. You MAY/MAY NOT have more than 1 fault. If the image is clear connected to the external monitor then there is a fault with the connection to the internal screen. any pc will boot with no monitor connected. A windows reboot is not due to a tft hardware fail, especially if it works with linux, but a software/driver issue. There could be both a tft hardware failure and a windows issue (probably caused by someone trying to solve the first fault). Solve 1 problem at a time. My similar fault on my tosh is that the tft is *****ed !

  teak goblin 20:42 04 Feb 2006

rupie thanks for your reply i did tell the guy that i think he may have to repair the windows insall and to get the screen checked out by someone who knows what they are doing as i im not into repairing laptops, give me a desktop and i can sort it out.
thanks for all of your replys on this .

  DamianScott 10:00 01 Mar 2006


It does sound like a hardware problem, in fact the problems that you're experiencing are quite common, and can usually be identified quickly by an experienced individual (as suggested in my earlier post).

I'd just like to make one thing clear though.... Replacement screens for laptops can be expensive, so prepare yourself for a bit of a shock. The popular brands like HP Compaq, Dell, Toshiba & IBM are the most reasonably priced (because they're widely available) whereas brands such as Acer, Highgrade, Tiny, etc are very expensive & difficult to obtain.

If your screen does need replacing, it can often be more cost effective to buy a new laptop from someone like click here than replacing the faulty screen. However, always make sure that you have the problem checked by someone in-the-know before you shell out for a new unit, as some parts for laptops are very cheap & easy to replace.


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  Methedrine 21:00 03 Mar 2006

The inverter could be faulty.

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