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Dead laptop Lenovo Z51 70

  Alss 18:37 01 Jan 2019


I have following issue with my laptop: after opening the laptop to clean the dust it wont start. I took off the botom cover, took out the fan to blow it with compressor, then assembled it all again. Basic thing, I've done it on multiple occasions, always without problem. But this time the laptop won't start, When I try to turn on the laptop diod lights up correctly, but nothing happens, not even start of cooling. When I plug in the power cable, diod shows its charging. I tried bios reset but no use.

Any ideas what could I do wrong / overlook? (And yes, I've checked if all cables on the motherboard are plugged in correctly)

Thank you for reading, future of my laptop is now in your hands.

  alanrwood 18:40 01 Jan 2019

I would suspect that you have inadvertently disturbed a plug/socket connection or displaced the memory. Have another look inside to see if anything is loose.

  Alss 18:49 01 Jan 2019

That was my first idea as well, but everything should be ok

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:52 01 Jan 2019

  1. recheck all connections

  2. check cpu / fan / heatsink

  Alss 21:07 01 Jan 2019

I found my problem and I did not see that comming..

I took the fan and heat sink off again and the top of the "graphic chip" (idk if thats the right term, well its that part where you put thermal paste) is broken. It basicly came off with the heat sink and the thermal paste was holding it. So I'm looking for a new motherboard.

  Alss 21:29 01 Jan 2019

Sorry not graphic chip, processor

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