Dead hard drive seen in bios but not in vista

  Awestruck 21:01 26 Aug 2009

A client of mine has a computer which won't boot. The recovery disk could not access the SATA HD. I tried to reinstall Vista and it asked me to format the HD, then it refused to format the HD saying it could not access it (catch 22). I used the recovery disk to load a DOS prompt. I typed Format C: and received this message. "The type of file system is RAW. New file system is NTFS. Proceed with format y/n?"
Is it really possible that the HD had converted itself to RAW? If I say Yes to the DOS prompt will the disk be formatted to NTFS? Will the Vista recovery CD then be able to install Vista?
Yours baffled

  MAT ALAN 21:11 26 Aug 2009

click here

might help...

  woodchip 21:13 26 Aug 2009

Most likely is Sata Drivers need loading for the disc or if there are Sata drivers on motherboard CD these should be loaded

  woodchip 21:15 26 Aug 2009

If you do a Repair Install using the same Vista OS disc, it should ask you to install the drivers, this would mean putting the Motherboard CD in the drive if drivers are on it

  Awestruck 21:33 26 Aug 2009

Thanks for the prompt replies. The installation disk asked me to load drivers but with the driver CD inserted the computer could not find where the drivers were located on the CD. I tried directing it to each folder on the CD without success.

  woodchip 14:13 27 Aug 2009

If you have a Floppy Drive you could copy the drivers to Floppy then to Hard Drive, But first try booting with the Motherboard CD in the Drive, it may be bootable for loading all drivers

  Awestruck 12:37 28 Aug 2009

I feel that the 'driver' scenario is a red herring. The BIOS and DOS can see the SATA C: drive.
Can anyone answer my original query:-

In DOS I typed Format C: and received this message. "The type of file system is RAW. New file system is NTFS. Proceed with format y/n?" If I say yes to this, will the disk format as NTFS?

Failing a positive answer, I will put the drive into one of my SATA machines and format it from there.

Thanks for your replies.

  bremner 12:44 28 Aug 2009

If you type Y the drive will be formatted NTFS

  sharpamat 20:20 28 Aug 2009

By recovery disk do you mean the Vista Disc or is it the revovary disc to return the system to factory setting?

unless the recovary disc activats a partion on the Hard Drive ( many Medions had this ) that disc should be in the drive when you boot and then you follow the on screen instructions.

Post the details of the system and what discs you have and you may get a better responce that can help you

  Awestruck 21:05 28 Aug 2009

I used was my client's Dell recovery disk for Vista. The result was as I described in my original post.

I am visiting him on Thursday and will use DOS via the recovery disk to format the SATA drive.

I will report back.

  Strawballs 21:30 28 Aug 2009

I had this same problem with my Vista laptop, it turned out to be a bad sector on the hard drive, it has a Hitachi hard drive so I downloaded their hard drive diagnostic software and burned to disc (which is bootable) and booted with it in the drive and it found and fixed bad sector and all been fine since.

Or you could download and burn Ubuntu to disc because that will boot and has a disc checker in it's list.

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