Dead Graphics card Resurrect it.

  KRONOS the First 17:52 02 Feb 2012

On another forum that I use which has a market place for the buying and selling of components. Where once you have posted enough help etc you gain access to this treasure house. Great kit can be had at really great prices. You can even get stuff just for postage. Good way of getting rid of your kit without the fees of Ebay and Paypal.

Back to the thread title a guy was selling a Evga 8800GTX for a fiver as it was faulty but that a reflow might solve. No I did not know what reflow meant either. Found this on the Tube Baking a GPU. Which just happens to be the same as my card the guy was selling. So I bought it, followed the video and card is working perfectly. i have stress tested it to death and its great.

Now obviously this is not going to work on every faulty card,this method is to do with the state of the solder on a card. But it might be of use to someone who has a faulty card and its worth a try if it can bring your card back from the dead.

  onthelimit1 18:33 02 Feb 2012

I tried reflowing as a last ditch attempt on an HP mobo. Worked for 6 mths before it died again. More heat needed next time!

  KRONOS the First 18:47 02 Feb 2012

Not to much heat, you don't want a puddle of plastic and solder.On the video I linked to I was quite interested in the guys cooker. The good lady would not let me do it in the main cooker,I had to use a small hardly used thing with very basic controls and an iPad app for the timer.LOL.

  robin_x 19:07 02 Feb 2012

It's a good last resort for almost any PCB.

Keep meaning to do my old mobile phone, which I miss. Replacement cheapie not half as good.

I'll get round to it one day.

I'm interested in the buying/selling forum. Do you have details?

  KRONOS the First 19:37 02 Feb 2012


Forum. You will not have access to the market place until you have posted,if my memory serves me,75 times. But it's a really good,well run forum and friendly place mainly it's a modding forum and these guys really know their stuff.

I have a naff phone somewhere as well may well give it a go, and an old motherboard or two. Great learning opportunity as well.

  robin_x 20:25 02 Feb 2012

Thanks for that. Whether I buy buy/sell or not in future, I like Techie forums anyway.

  KRONOS the First 03:25 03 Feb 2012

Look out for me, I have a similar sort of user name.

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