Dead GPU or PCIe help ---

  Hibird 13:15 12 Aug 2019

hey i need some help to know what happened to my pc . so basically i upgraded my pc before 3 or 4 month ago except my GPU GTX 980TI so everything was working fine . the problem happened to me i was playing a game and i left my room for 5 min i came back both of my screens was black and there is smell like something is burnt so i tried to turn on the pc everything was running but the gpu is not working and the fans is not spanning.

So i tried to plug another gpu in the same PCIe same thing fan not spanning and no signal the RGB was working so i tried to plug the new gpu in another PCIe slot and it worked and everything was fine so i took the new GPU away and plugged in the old GPU in the 2nd PCIe that was working . same problem there is no signal and the fans is not spanning so again i removed my old GPU was plugged in the 2nd PCIe and i tried to plug the new GPU that worked for me in the 2nd PCIe 2 min ago.

So after i tried that the 2nd PCIe is not working anymore with both GPU + i tried to use WIFI card same thing it's not working .

oh yeah and i have tried to test my old GPU 980TI in another PC . that PC refuse to fire up at all so I want to know what happened to my pc what cause the problem. is my other parts safe?

  wee eddie 13:42 12 Aug 2019

And your PSU?Hhave you checked that

  Menzie 14:02 12 Aug 2019

Sounds like the Power Supply went up in smoke and took some other components with it.

If you smell burning in a PC (or any other electronic device for that matter) never turn it back on. Unplug it and Investigate the cause of the smell first or you could end up doing more damage than there was originally or worse.

  Hibird 21:39 12 Aug 2019

i guess the PSU is good because i'm running the pc now without GPU and like i said i have tried another GPU it worked with the same PSU and the smell is coming out from the GPU

  wee eddie 23:29 12 Aug 2019

We have to believe what you are telling us.

You have just said that the smell came from the Graphics Card. So, what's the problem. Clean the dust out from the inside of the GPU and try again

  Hibird 00:20 13 Aug 2019

it's not about cleaning both pci-e is dead now after i plugged this gpu there is something wrong with it but why would my pci-e die ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:56 13 Aug 2019

if the GPU died and shorted out it may have damaged the PCie slot.

second slot ok so worked with new card

when you connected the old card to the second slot you probably fried that slot hence now both slots destroyed by graphics card failure.

Do not try that card in any other machines Throw it away before it does more damage.

Sounds like you now need a new motherboard and graphics card.

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