Dead Evesham – Help…

  BryanT 14:03 18 Apr 2005

My three and a half year old Evesham has died. On trying to boot, I can hear the fan and the panel lights come on and stay on, so the power is OK, but it will not boot from the BIOS. Also, there is no video signal. I have checked internal connections, and they seem OK. As it happens, I had backed up my files recently, but forgot about backing up settings. Evesham will charge me nearly £120 for an on-site call, plus whatever the faulty part costs, so repair may not be economic. Assuming that the hard disk is OK, is there any way of getting the settings off the disk using the XP settings wizard?
Any ideas will be welcome.

  961 14:10 18 Apr 2005

Would not necessarily assume this is not a power supply unit problem

Equally, it could be down to motherboard fault or some other hardware

The stuff on the hard disk may well be fine

Is there a local computer place that can test PSU/mobo?

At £120 and 3.5 years the alternative to me seems to be that you are half way to a new computer, following which you can transfer all your stuff from the old hard disk

  BryanT 14:29 18 Apr 2005

Thanks. My guess is motherboard. I had a brief chat with a local PC engineer and I might take it there for more accurate test and diagnosis, but he was doubtful about a repair if it is motherboard. I agree about replacement, hence the question about transferring the settings. I'm really annoyed at myself for forgetting to back them up. :-(

  Sylv 14:29 18 Apr 2005

I would agree with 961 and say it is a PSU problem - in my job I have had similar problems with a whole batch of PCs and a new PSU has solved the problem.

  BryanT 15:02 18 Apr 2005

Thanks for that. I'm encouraged by the thought. I'll get it checked out.

  BryanT 04:26 15 May 2005

In the event, I found a local supplier, and their engineers diagnosed a failed motherboard. Evesham were unable to supply a replacement, so it really meant a new PC. As it happens, the same local supplier does “bare bones” packages, and here I am with effectively a new PC with Asus m/b, Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ, 512 MB RAM, new 200 GB hard drive, my old 60GB hard disk recycled as a second drive, CD/DVD combo, a/v and spyware software, all my settings and emails transferred, and all for a bit over £400. And I know where they live! I would recommend anybody check out their own local yellow pages.

  picklsey 05:05 15 May 2005


good to hear your up and running i agree with your comment And I know where they live.built my own a couple of months back was going to order from the net then i thought if things go wrong i could be weeks without pc so i bought local i was lucky the store price matched net prices good luck.

  961 08:21 15 May 2005

You certainly picked the right road to travel. Going down the £120 call out route would have been disaster

Hope you're pleased with the new computer

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