Dead email address?

  tnelis 10:26 30 Sep 2014

If I close my bt phone account what happens to my email address? [email protected] Is there any way to continue receiving emails to this address? I have invested many years featuring this address in advertising and can't afford for it to disappear. Thank you.

  Jollyjohn 10:35 30 Sep 2014

Your eMail address will downgrade to a PAYG - Pay as you go address. You won't actually pay anything, it is a reference to the old dial up days. You will be able to recieve eMails to this address but you will need to use the outgoing mail server from your new Internet service provider.

The messages will still appear to come from you / your company, and the reply will go to [email protected] and as long as you keep using it it will be active.

Be sure to tell BT that you want to keep the eMail address when you close the account.

  spuds 10:57 30 Sep 2014

Jollyjohn as provided an answer to your question, but should you wish to check email, then there is a possible way by using Mail2Web.

You use your original email details, including passwords etc, and this then links you to your original provider. If using Mail2Web, then on the opening page, it provides the option to select security protection, I usually use the highest for extra safety. Would add, that the above works world-wide, so good if you want to catch up on email.

Link and information to Mail2Web click here

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