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DEAD Desktop - started deductions,,,,

  Furkin 14:28 08 Jan 2020

Hi all,,

Long time eh ??

This morning my desktop was dead. As usual, it was fine when I turned it off last night. I started with the fuse in the power lead (kettle type). It had a 10a fuse in it, from when I built this kit many years ago. It had blown. I replaced it so I might see what the problem was. I heard a pop, but nothing else happened, but it didn't blow the fuse.

I took the side off and disconnected everything from the psu (OCZ 500) and turned it on. Nothing happened, or no 'pop'--- nor was the fan running.

Should a psu fan run as soon as it's live, or does it need to go through the MB for instructions etc ?

I've removed the cards, to replace one at a time, to see if anything occurs. Now though, I'll wait for your replies, Justin Case the psu has gone.


I'm in West Cornwall & built a new desktop. Trouble is, I can't do the setting up/bios etc Is there anyone in the area that can help this disabled pensioner please ? i may need the current kit looking at also.

hope you all had a great festive season.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:07 08 Jan 2020

motherboard switches on PSU, you can try shorting across the header pins to the cases power button but if board or PSU blown then nothing will happen.

Have you tried connecting the PSU in your new setup to the old motherboard?

I can't do the setting up/bios etc

What do you think you need need to set up?

  Forum Editor 22:32 08 Jan 2020

Moved to Tech Help[room from Speakers Corner.

  Furkin 11:45 10 Jan 2020

Thanks guys,

I haven't done much with that machine. I took all the cards out and replaced them one at a time, to no avail.

It doesn't blow the the power lead fuse, there is no fuse on the M.B, and I can't see anything in particular going wrong, popping, buzzing etc.

I have removed the hdd to plug into my Dell Inspiron 17, to get stuff and to carry on working for a while. Trouble is, the lappy doesn't recognise the drive. I have it in a caddie, which is USB3. I can't find my USB3 cable so using USB2 cable.

When I Googled it, someone suggested that the caddie might only work with USB3 cables. Is that likely ?

I'll order a couple of USB3 cables anyway. Both my current kit, and new, utilizes 3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

FB: More knowledge that I have - but thanks.

  wee eddie 12:51 10 Jan 2020

Can you hear the Hard Drive, spinning up?

  Furkin 11:09 11 Jan 2020

I have managed to get the hdd on the lappy - almost.
I found an IDE/SATA adapter thingy, so cobbled it together and plugged it in.

Drive E: now shows up, but it wants to format the disc first,,,,, and warns that it'll empty the disc.

The email address password that I use on PCA is on the E: drive so I don't get your replies automatically,,,, nor most of my traffic that also uses the same address. (I have a list of passwords,,,,, but it's on the e: drive !
I used to print it out, but I don't change 'em very often, so haven't done that for a while - my bad)


In the meantime, I've ordered a couple more proper USB3 cables - having said that, I don't think my USB3 cable (that I can't find) has the same 2 section connector as the required one.

  britto 21:30 11 Jan 2020

If you still need to test your psu try the paper clip test, click here

  Furkin 13:47 12 Jan 2020

Cheers Britto,

As above, the PSU is letting out power, tho' I don't know what power.

I will try the clip test, just for future reference and maybe help others.

In the meantime, I need to open/read the hdd as an external drive on my lappy, but it says need to "format disc - but will lose all data".

How do we format without losing data, or read such drives ?

  Furkin 10:44 14 Jan 2020

In that case, I gotta get the machine working,,,,,,,

Having said that I have previously plugged other hdd into a PC and it works/ed o.k.
I suppose - coincidentally - that the formats were the same ?


Just tried the 'paper-clip' test. As above, I checked the pins previously, and they were live. When inserting the clip into Green & a Black, the fan didn't start. I checked the clip for live, and of course it was. I removed the clip & checked that the black was 'dead'- but it was also live. I checked another black (in fact all the blacks,,, another fact, ALL pins) they are all live. I expected the blacks to be 'dead'(ground)[why on't we say 'earthed' any more ?].

Looks like we found the fault - shorted psu.

All agreed ?
How long is an OCZ 500 warranty ?

I'd better try another psu pretty sharpish,,,,, of course, the cause of the failure is still not known !

  Furkin 10:50 24 Jan 2020

I tried another psu (New) but the kit is still dead - I guess the MB has gone.

The main thing at the moment, is to get the hdd running, on something.

In the meantime, someone suggested that if I plug my hdd (RAW - Healthy) to the lappy (NTFS), and press f12 on boot up, it should over-ride the lappy, and boot into the hdd.

Is this right ?

PS: I tried checking the output at the 20/24pin socket from the old PSU. Nothing showed up on any pin. I initially thought it was because it wasn't in a machine, but after inserting the paperclip again, I ruled that out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:19 24 Jan 2020

If you have built a new desktop then you could just connect the old HDD to the new desktop. It should just then show as another drive

Ide / Sata thingy?

Is your old HDD 3.5 inch drive? If so you will need to power it as well as connect a usb lead to you laptop see this video?

If it is showing as RAW on the laptop (or if connected into the new desktop) then do not format it but things are looking difficult to recover anything from it.

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