wallytof 20:07 19 Sep 2006

Hi Everyone,
Please can someone help a old silver surfer? My computer has been working
Perfect untill today. I switched on my computer and it started to boot up, but

after a few seconds it just went dead. The first thing I tried was the fuse in the

plug this was ok. I then pulled out the mains plug from the modem and used a

ohms meter to test if the power was coming into the modem and it was. but the

lights on the modem was not showing. Before I went on pension 5 years ago I

was a mechanical engineer but know nothing about electronics, but I did

wonder if there were another fuse inside the modem, the same way as there is in

my D.V.D. player that maybe I could change myself. Please can someone help

me? My computer is aprox 4 years old, it is a ADVENT 3312.
Awaiting your replies,

  howard64 20:11 19 Sep 2006

you are not making it clear whether the pc has not booted up or just the modem?

  Totally-braindead 20:17 19 Sep 2006

I would agree with howard64. When you switch does the monitor light up at all? Is there any sounds coming from the computer itself, such as a fan going?
Need a bit more info.

  wallytof 20:22 19 Sep 2006

Hi Howard64,
Thank you very much for your fast reply. I am 70 years old so please excuse for not explaing 100% When I switched on my computer the orange light lit up on the modem as normal then the screen lit up blue as normal then before it went any further the computer went dead.

  ed-0 20:26 19 Sep 2006

Unplug the modem from the computer, if it is external. try again to start the computer.

  wallytof 20:31 19 Sep 2006

Thank you for your reply Totally- Braindead.When I switched on the monitor did light up for about 3 seconds no sound was heard but this normal for a few seconds then the monitor closed down and the modem but the little warning light on the monitor was still visable.

  howard64 20:45 19 Sep 2006

hi wallytof im 64 so not much below you. When you switch the pc on you should get a series of beeps. Normally with everything working ok it is a single long beep. If a component fails the pc gives a series of beeps which if you can identify them ie long / short and how many of each in which sequence then knowing the make and bios the sequences are listed and can point to the problem. Now do you get any beeps or nothing at all? Unplug all stuff hanging out of the pc such as usb cables just leave the monitor in see what happens.

  wallytof 20:50 19 Sep 2006

Hello ed-o,
I am sorry not sure about your question but I think I know what you mean,I have only 1 unit and every plugs into this Power Cable, Key board,Scanner, Monitor,Printer, Phone cable so I assume that the Modem is not external but built inside. I have unplgged the mains cable and plugged it back in with out success.hope this helps.

  ed-0 21:16 19 Sep 2006

If the phone line connects to the rear of the computer, then you are probably right, it's an internal modem.

Do as howard64 suggests, take all cables from the rear of the computer. Just leave the power lead and the cable to the monitor connected.

  terryf 21:19 19 Sep 2006

BUT make a note of what goes where as you unplug them

  wallytof 21:25 19 Sep 2006

Hello again howard64
I think when I first switched on the computer I got a long single bleep then a few seconds later when the monitor came on showing the blue screen as it always do,s thescreen went blank just leaving on the little waning light.but all the lights went out on the computer, I will try what you say. By the way I am using my notebook to contact you

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