dead computer -power supply?

  kiz 14:09 06 Feb 2005

I have an old computer (P11 266MHZ) which died on me without warning. Nothing happens when I switch it on although there is still power to the Monitor (which feeds from the power supply). I am guessing it is the power supply but I was told it could be the battery on the motherboard. Is this possible? The thing is, it is an old computer (although it worked perfectly til now) so dont want to spend too much on it, or buy a new PSU to find it isnt broke.
Is there any way I can test it?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

  961 14:18 06 Feb 2005

It really could be any number of things, but as a starter, how old is it, has it been used regularly, and what operating system does it use?

  kiz 14:23 06 Feb 2005

Sorry should have given more details. It is old, about 8 years and uses win98. It hasnt actually been used for some time (ie at least 6 months) as I have a new computer, but a friend says she wanted it so I turned it to check it - and nothing happened. It was used regularly before that and worked perfectly without a problem.

  kiz 14:27 06 Feb 2005

Sorry, I should add I have checked the obvious, like fuses, cable and I have opened it up to check nothing was loose.

  961 14:30 06 Feb 2005

In that case it could be the battery. It will only cost a couple of ££ to replace and it's worth a try. If you have the motherboard info either on line or the original book it will tell you what sort of battery you need

If it's not that I guess it's not worth spending money on

If it does work ensure any sensitive info is cleared from hard drive

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:31 06 Feb 2005

CMOS battery dead would give bad checksum message, CMOS Battery
click here

If totally dead then

click here

2. CPU

3. Motherboard

  kiz 14:45 06 Feb 2005

FruitBat - are you saying that a completely dead battery would not stop the computer from powering up - just give a checksum message?
I think I wont go down the route of checking the PSU - sounds a bit scary, so if it isnt the battery, I will just send the machine to that great dustbin in the sky.

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