Dead Computer - Please Help!

  Scotwolf 00:33 23 Oct 2003


I am a complete novice at computers and i could really do with some help. Earlier on this evening, i powered off my PC to go and have dinner. When i came back an hour later, the PC wouldn't switch on. When i press the 'On' button, all that happens is the fan goes round and nothing else...

What could this be? Please help a novice user to understand the problem...


  woody 01:06 23 Oct 2003

Is the hard drive working- trying to load?
Is the monitor plugged in - has the cable come loose?

  Djohn 01:11 23 Oct 2003

The first thing to do is, turn off the power at the wall switch but leave the lead connected to your PC. Then have a look at the back of the PC, make sure all the cables are plugged in, if necessary, remove and replace each one.

Turn the power back on and press the power button on the front of your PC. If it does not put a display on the screen but seems to start, listen for a beep sound and how many.

Please post back to this thread and let us know how you get on and what happens when you do the above. j.

  Scotwolf 01:12 23 Oct 2003

There is nothing...i don't even get the single beep before the monitor display comes on. The monitor light is also on orange and not green...

Sorry for not sounding technical... :(

  Djohn 01:23 23 Oct 2003

That orange light means that the monitor is plugged in and on standby, but not receiving a signal from the PC tower unit.

Do you still here the fan running, and is it the fan at the rear of the PC? Do any lights on the tower unit come on at all, even for a brief moment? Can you press the button on the CD tray, and does it open/close? Put the flat of your hand at the rear of the PC and see if you can feel air being blown out. Please post back with this information. j.

  Djohn 01:54 23 Oct 2003

I will be logging off in a short while. Don't worry too much if you don't get a reply tonight. I will keep an eye on the thread for you and when you post back other forum members will help.

Also don't worry about not being technical, you have told us the most important bit of info. That you are a novice with PC's. This will help when others offer advice and they will talk you through step by step. Regards. j.

  Diemmess 07:12 23 Oct 2003

In an almost identical thread on Tuesday the problem was solved quite simply, though I have no idea why it worked. I paste the posting below..............

if you have not switched off at the main plug yet and replug after 30 secs try it I did it worked for me.

  Scotwolf 09:38 23 Oct 2003

There is air coming from the back of the power unit where the big black lead goes into. I can hear the fan spinning, but the none of the lights on the front come on, except for the power one but that goes off as soon as i let go of the button.

I unplugged the mains from the wall and tried again after a minute but get the same symptoms

  Diemmess 10:20 23 Oct 2003

Monitor is OK - simply not being given any signal from computer -(orange light)

No lights you say "except for the power one but that goes off as soon as I let go of the button".....This suggests a power supply unit fault. It is possible that the PSU fan although usually a low voltage supply, is getting its supply but the motherboard is not.

If others think this is a reasonable answer then replacement of your PSU is one of the easiest mechanical repairs you can do.

  Richard Madeley 11:21 23 Oct 2003

I just had the same problem when I added memory.

I put the new Dimm in the back slot and the PC came on, beeped once, then the monitor stayed on standby, the fan whirled but the hard drive didn't start. I swapped the new memory round with my old memory slot and the old memory in the new slot and everything's fine.

From that evidence I suggest (as the symptoms are the same) that perhaps your memory has developed a fault. Buying some more is very cheap and well worth the low cost experiment, before you may have to pay through the nose for repairs.

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  Richard Madeley 11:26 23 Oct 2003

Sorry that should be the U.K branch:-

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