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  plebbydoo 21:41 12 May 2003

When I switched on one of my computers I found nothing would start except my monitor. The keyboard light, computer light and DVD light do not show as on. Have checked mains supply and mains (plug) fuse both ok. Does my tower computer power supply box contain it's own fuse. Any idea or thoughts as to what the problem could be or should I look no further and take my system to a computer hospital.

dont open the power supply it contains a capacitor that can kill you even when its not plugged in. the problem could be all sorts of things, is there any history to this problem or was it a case of one day working the next day not?

Have you checked the power lead from the supply box inside the computer as this may have become loose?

If you have then try removing the small thin backup battery which is placed on the 'Motherboard' inside of the machine, as this will reset the BIOS chip...

NOTE: It is a good idea if you can leave the battery out over night, being given that the CPU cache memory is fully drained out...

This should then resolve the Boot problem...

J v.Dongen

  captain birdseye 10:36 13 May 2003

If you've checked the plug / fuse /lead firmly in then why not swap the power supply from your other computer to see if that can swap either power supply either way, then you will find out if one of the power supplies is dead. If it is buy a new one (they are not expensive) but DO NOT OPEN THE DEAD ONE TO TRY AND REPAIR IT.

  stlucia 11:49 13 May 2003

Just a silly thought -- does your PSU have its own on/off switch, and has it been knocked? Been there, done that!

  plebbydoo 19:35 13 May 2003

Have now replaced my PSU after taking up suggestions to swap my other one over. Everything worked fine so replaced dead PSU.
Thanks to Horiz5, Vdongen, Captain Birdseye and Stlucia - saved me dosh!

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