Dead AMD processor?

  nelliehob 10:28 24 Nov 2003

I not sure, but I suspect that my processor has died. I have a machine with an AMD xp2000 processor and when I try to boot up only the fans come on and nowt else. I tried the video card in another machine and its working and I tried the processor in another machine and it did nothing. Is the processor dead?

  Gongoozler 10:44 24 Nov 2003

Hi nelliehob. It certainly sound like the processor is dead! Fortunately an XP2000 is not too expensive (depending on what you call expensive). You can get one for £46.99 inc VAT from Ebuyer click here, but as a dead processor is often the result of a dying heatsink fan, you might be better to get the retail package for £58.05 inc VAT, and this has a 3 year warranty and heatsink included click here

  nelliehob 11:14 24 Nov 2003

Thanks for that gongooer, at least the price of the processors not too dear.

  tenplus1 12:03 24 Nov 2003

It's hibernating for the winter...

  bananaslik 16:56 24 Nov 2003

Hi nelliehob this might to be a silly response but if the screen is totally dead (ie no lights)check the fuse in the monitor power supply.The reason i am telling you this is because i recently built a new pc & went to power up,nothing at all happened.the monitor & tower were dead.After hours of messing about both power supply cables had blown fuses in them.

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