bythor 22:20 25 Sep 2007

Hi folks. Up until tonight my desktop was working (apparently) perfectly. For no clear reason locked up, and eventually rebooted. Ran for about ten mins then locked up again. I thought maybe it was getting watm, as it's been on for a few days now. Switched off while I want out. Now, about three hours later, it doesn't want to come on. Get to the usual 'energy' splash, CPU detected, DDR Dimm: 128 bits, Dual channels, then no further. Line at the bottom says the usual 'Press DEL to enter setup' but this produces nothing. I have an Acronis back up, but it doesn't get far enough to look at the boot order. Any suggestions?
3GHz pentium, with XP Pro SP2.

  woodchip 22:34 25 Sep 2007

looks like a hard drive problem

  bythor 22:38 25 Sep 2007

If the memory battery was duff would it produce this type of fault?

  bythor 22:42 25 Sep 2007

can't get into setup which is why I'm suspicious of the battery. I'd guess if it were the hd then I'd get into the bios?

  bythor 22:55 25 Sep 2007

it was the 'kin bios battery. I knew I'd used one recently - I'd put a new one in my cheapo watch. Anyway, used that and it's currently booting into XP. We'll see what that brings! Thanks everyone for your input.

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