DDRAW.DLL problem plz help im pulling my hair out

  [DELETED] 19:38 25 Nov 2003

when i go to start a game it says D3D8 file is linked to missing export DDRAW.DLL:Ddentry12
then when i press ok it says a device attatched to the system is not function please help im pulling my hair outing

  [DELETED] 19:44 25 Nov 2003

You could try my advice in your other thread to download the latest version of DirectX.

Or click here

Best to stick to one thread, even if you have to keep bumping it.

  [DELETED] 19:45 25 Nov 2003

leeknight67, this is the answer from click here

If you are receiving a d3d8.dll error or not seeing any text in your menus on Windows XP computers, please read the following...

Windows XP users should first make sure they are logged in as the Administrator of their machine. A patch from Microsoft, which replaces a few system files, needs to be installed for XP users to correct this. It replaces a few system files and should make the game run better along with making the other fixes listed below. If you are not sure if you have the patch installed here is an easy way to find out.

Click Start -> Run. Erase whatever is in the box and type in DXDIAG. Then click on the DirectX Files tab and look for these two files... (These files are located at the top of the DirectX Files tab so they are easy to find.)

D3d8.dll - ver 5.1.2600.29 <- You have the patch

Ddraw.dll - ver 5.1.2600.29 <- You have the patch

D3d8.dll - ver 5.1.2600 <- You need the patch

Ddraw.dll - ver 5.1.2600 <- You need the patch

If you do not have these files or version numbers do not match then you do not have the patch installed. Go to this website:

click here

When you download the patch and make sure you have DirectX 8.1 video & sound drivers as well.

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